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Bharani Gallery: Cynosure of all eyes

"Appreciating art includes promoting it through buying." — N.B. Kaverappa, Chief Convenor, Bharani Art Gallery

Here is an artist who has converted a portion of his house into an art gallery to promote visual arts.
The 59-year-old Nellamakkada B. Kaverappa, who was serving in the Judicial Department has devoted himself to promote visual arts by converting the first floor of his house in Vivekananda Nagar here into an art gallery.
Hailing from Kodagu, Kaverappa always had a special liking for art since his student days. After completing his graduation in B.Sc. at JSS College for Arts and Science, he wanted to take up a course in art. In 1970s, well-known artist M.T.V. Acharya had started a correspondence course in painting under the banner, Acharya Chitrakala Bhavana in Bangalore, to which Kaverappa enrolled for a three-year Diploma in Commercial Art.
After picking up the basics and finer nuances of painting, Kaverappa started painting on his own and came out with several works titled The Sun, Moon and Self; Unveiled look (Indian Ink with Nip holder); Three Friends, Trinity Unfolded (three stages of womanhood); Parayakali (War dance), Creation series, My Land & My Sea; Panoramic view from Raja Seat — name a few.
Kaverappa, who was awarded the 'Kodava Sahitya Academy Award' in 2003 for excellence in art, says he could not devout much time towards his passionate hobby, as he had to attend the court.
"When it comes to painting, people have diverse tastes and it’s a Herculean task to satisfy everyone. So I thought of arranging an exhibition with a blend of all possible themes," says Kaverappa who has exhibited his paintings in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, New Delhi and Kasargod.
For him the exhibition held at India International Centre, New Delhi in 1988 is the most memorable one as his exhibit 'Dance of Kodavas', received a lot of appreciation from the visitors.
The art movement was first started in Mysore by Kaverappa to showcase art works demanding for an exclusive art gallery in Mysore, other than the renowned Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery. He fought with the officials concerned to provide a platform for the budding artists to exhibit their art works. "I even held an exhibition of paintings of contemporary artists of Mysore on the footpaths of Sayyaji Rao Road and Palace. But all my efforts went in vain," he rued.
To draw the attention of the government, he also held several road-side art exhibitions in Mysore under Yuva Kala Art Movement during 1980s, but did not receive the needed response. It was then that Kaverappa thought of converting the first floor of his house into an art gallery — the ‘Bharani Gallery’ was inaugurated on May 21, 1994 by the then Dean of CAVA G.S. Shenoy.
"In the beginning, only visitors to the gallery were neighbours and friends. It took some time for the news to spread, then there was an increase in the number of visitors," recalls Kaverappa, who devouts nearly eight hours daily for his gallery.
Today the gallery exhibits the works of renowned artists like late M.T.V. Acharya, Ramadas Adyanthaya, late G.S. Shenoy, Ramesh Rao, Bhaskar Rao, late Raghottam Putti, V.A. Deshpande, G.M. Hegde of Sirsi, Vasudeva Uliyaru, Vishwanth Bhuvanpur from Maharashtra, Kashinath Hiremath from Kolhapur, Subhash Desai from Sangli and many more. The paintings are on expo-cum-sale. So far many paintings have been sold with price ran-ges from Rs.1,500 to Rs.20,000.
As days passed by, Kaverappa decided to construct a separate gallery on the second floor of his house. By spending his pension money now he has constructed a spacious hall measuring 28’x12’ which will be inaugurated on Sept. 21.
Bharani Art Gallery is the only private art gallery in Mysore dedicated for promoting visual arts by exhibiting works of several well-known artists.
An exhibition of paintings on the theme Kodava culture will be held shortly. "I have chosen this theme as our Kodava culture is vanishing slowly," says Kaverappa requesting the public to promote the art work by visiting the gallery and purchasing the paintings.
Bharani Art Gallery is located at M-1198, 3rd Main, 6th Cross, Vivekananda Nagar, Mysore. Ph: 2561233.
[Sunday 20th September 2009]

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