Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ease Irwin road traffic, request commuters

Irwin road which is famously known as commercial street is facing lot of traffic problem. On both the sides of this entire stretch hundreds of shops have been situated, and thousands of vehicles ply on this two-way road. But unfortunately there is no parking facility on this two-kilometer stretch.

The road is very narrow and heavy traffic jam is common during peak hours. It will be a challenging task for commuters to pass on this narrow stretch situated in the heart of the city. Most of the time people will be seen finding difficult to take even 'U' turn to the adjoining roads.

This narrow stretch which begins from Ayurveda Hospital Circle connects Railway Station on one side and on other City Central Post Office, Sub-urban Bus stand. Apart from this, people who enter city have to pass through this road in order to move towards Sayyaji Rao Road and Ashoka Road.

If this is the sorry state of traffic affairs, the other is parking problem. On this entire stretch one can witness 'No Parking' signboards everywhere. When contacted couple of shop owners on Irwin Road, they requested Police personnel to widen the road and provide parking facility. They also requested for road one-way.

'We are facing lot of hardship due to lack of parking facility. If any vehicles is parked in front of the shops for even two minutes, they will be fined. For name sake the road is commercial street, but we are not having good business
even in peak hours. When measures have been taken to provide parking place in so congested KT Street, why not here,' they questioned.

Speaking to Express, Traffic ACP Shankaregowda said that unless roads are widened its difficult to provide parking facility on this road. He said if the shop owners agree for road widening, then they proceed further.

vox populi...

'Heavy vehicles ply from both the side, many have met with accidents on this road. I request the officials to ease the
traffic problem.' - Vijay, shop owner.

'It has become a ever ending problem. I request the concerned officials to hold a meeting and solve our problem. We
are even ready for road widening.' - Prasanna, Sri Nandini Hotel Owner.

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