Sunday, February 24, 2013

MCC to convert animal waste into a value added product

Mysore City Corporation is planning to convert animal waste into a value added product, which can be fed to livestock. The conversion of animal waste will not only be eco-freindly, whereas generates good income for the Corporation along with creating job opportunities for several.

There are more than 600 mutton and meat stalls in the city and an average of daily around 6-7 tonnes of animal wastes like guts, chicken skin, bones, legs, head, feather etc are produced in the city. The amount of waste goes up during weekends and special occasions.

Seeing the enormous waste, officials at the MCC are planning to set up a 'Protein Meal Unit' to convert the waste into a useful resource. The processed food can be sold to private poultries, kennels and farrows.

Rs one crore has been sanctioned for the same in the 2013 -14 budget. Broiler Traders Coordinating Committee (BTCC) might take up the work. One acre of land is sufficient for the Unit and the officials are planning to set-up the unit in the MCC property or at Industrial area.

Veterinary Dr Lingaraju said that “there is a good demand for animal waste products in the market, as its provides nutritious supplement and are rich in proteins. The pet dog biscuits are sold around Rs 45 per kg produced by private companies. It will be a good return for Corporation and the problem of solid waste management can be solved to some extent,” he added.

Measures will be taken to collect animals waste within three hours from the shops, and will be stored in cold storage and later the same will be converted into product. For which, a datebase of the mutton shops in the city has been created by Corporation.
Dr Lingaraju along with a environmentalist has visited one such private center in Davangere last week, to study and have collected more details about the project. He said for first of its kind in state, government agency has taken up the work, apart from two units being owned by private bodies at Davangere and Chikmagalur.

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Presently six Tata Ace and one Canter Van are collecting the generated animal wastes twice daily all around the city and the waste is buried near Nagunahalli (old Kesare) on a six acre plot. The vehicles are fitted with GPS in order to monitor and co-ordinate their movements.   

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