Friday, April 19, 2013

Rising UGD problem likely to choke city this raining season

How critical the problem has become can be realised by the fact that on an average Mysore City Corporation (MCC) receives 100-150 calls every day, all related to UGD. Choking of underground drainage pipeline, drain water oozing on roads, getting mixed with drinking water are common sight in city.

With the city's population teaming around 10.5 lakhs spread across 65 wards, the three water-jetting machines, two desilt machines and 12 autos owned by the MCC is not sufficient to attend all the complaints the MCC receives daily.

Apart from shortage of machines, shortage of staff is also another problem. About a couple of months ago, MCC created a separate unit to address problems related to the underground drainage system in the city. Though the division was setup in February, no further steps have been taken by MCC to deploy additional staff for the division.

Within a month of assuming charge as Executive Officer for UGD Division TK Venkatadri was shocked to learn the extent to which the Underground Drainage problem in the city. According to sources, he has asked MCC Commissioner to depute additional staff to solve UGD problem.

But, disgraced with the lack of negligence shown by concerned officials, he has immediately shot off letters to the Government and also the MCC Commissioner explaining in detail about the problems plaguing UGD network in the city. Express has got a copy of this letter. In the copy, he has explained the worst status of UGD in city and has also said that he will not hold responsible in coming days, specially in rain seasons if any inadvertent incident occurs.

Speaking on condition of anonymity some MCC officials acknowledged that the UGD problems in the city had been there not since several years but decades. As most of these UGD pipe lines were laid around 40 years ago they are all of 9 inch size and have not been replaced till now. But with today's population, these pipes are not big enough to carry the excess sewage, leading to all sort of problems which the city is currently facing.

During this time, around 150 apartments have come up in the city in the city and its learnt that all their drainage pipes are connected to the main pipeline which is remains at nine inches designed for the population of 1940s. Today these nine inch pipeline carries the discharge sewage of thousands of households resulting in frequent blockages, ruptures and other problems.

The MCC officials opine that unless the existing pipelines are removed and replaced with new drain systems the problem will get more worse. They say except for Vijayanagar 1st to 3rd stage, Srirampura and Kuvempunagar (partially) all other areas are vulnerable to the UGD problems and it is time the entire pipelines should be changed. MCC Commissioner PG Ramesh admitted that there is shortage of staff and managing with the existing staff.

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