Thursday, June 1, 2017

This artist creates stunning sculptures on the tip of pencil lead

Usually artistes use pencils to create sketches for art works. But, here is an artistes who blossoms miniature creative art works on the tip of pencil

Meet 36-year-old artist S Nanjundaswamy who has emerged has a talented artistes in carving a micro sculpture on pencil lead. Even using discarded pencils, broken leads he creates the art works, which include interlocking chains, sculpture works, prominent circles, faces, etc.  

He has carved faces of more than 900 celebrities including Jnanpith Awardees, politicians, writers, film celebrities, cricketers, gods and goddesses, Forest Brigade Veerappan, and several other great icons. Most of the works he has handed over to the concerned actors, writers, it includes Punith Rajkumar, Upendra, Rajanikanth, several politicians, etc. When he heard the news of Parvathamma Rajkumar being hospitalised, he has carver her image too.  

Going down the memory lane, Nanjundaswamy a native of Mandya said:  ‘In 1999, was sharpening pencil to create a sketch on canvas. When I figured out  a image of face on  tip of lead was astonished. It was then, I started practicing to create miniature art work on lead. First I practiced carving names on lead, and slowly sculpture works. In initial days, had taken a week to complete face, whereas now within two hours I complete the works.'

Artiste Nanjundaswamy  who did not underwent any training in art schools, nor had a guru to teach the art, has learnt the art work by himself.  “As I was interested in drawing sketches on the canvas from childhood, I continued even  after I discontinued studies,” adds Nanjundaswamy, an SSLC drop out, whereas has mastered his skills in carving on Pencil Lead.  
“The pencil lead are very delicate and has to be handled carefully. Doing sculptures works need lot of concentration and develops patience. When people appreciate my works I feel proud,” adds Nanjundaswamy, whose aim is to create Guinness Records by carving face on lead  in fastest time.
The artiste has not sold any of his creative works on pencil. Those approach him to get their face carved on pencil lead, he does it for free cost. Down the years he mastered his skills in tattooing and earning for livelihood from it and started ‘Krishna Kale Tattoo Art’.

Citizen Shankar said: "The works are very incredible and am very much impressed. When I offered money to him for carving work, he  refused and later I came to know he does works for free of cost. The art form is very impressive and I to desire to learn pencil lead art work.”

Artist Nanjundaswamy has created a new national record for creating Mysore's Chamarajendra Wadiyar Circle using pencil leads. It has accepted in India Book of Records in December 2016.  He had created 28" X 16" miniature  of the circle in 28 days, using 7300 led in September 2009.  

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