Thursday, January 12, 2017

The festival of harvest turns boon for some homemakers

The festival of harvest 'Makara Sankranti' has come like a boon for homemakers to find a way to earn some money. Some homemakers, maids have earned around Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000 in the last two weeks by cutting ingredients to prepare Sesame (Yellu Bella).
Some of the women have got bulk orders to prepare the Sankranthi Mixture (sesame), while in some cases the house owners have assigned the task to maids and have paid Rs 100 to Rs 200 for cleaning and roasting the mixtures.
Bhagya, resident of TK Layout said that accompanied with four other women they worked continuous for three weeks to prepare 'Yellu Bella' and prior a week to festival they hand over the ready ingredients to a retail shop.

We chop the dry coconut and jaggery into tiny pieces and pack them separately. While fried gram, sesame seeds, ground nuts will be roasted and after deskin peanut will be packed. The mixture will be added with coated saunf (sweet jeerige). For cleaning, roasting, cutting, and packing we will be getting good amount,” added Chandrakala, resident of Vidyaranyapuram.

While, there are some women who make sugar candy at home and distribute to shops and make out some money during this festival. Most of them handover to the shop they place orders, and which will be sold in retail price.

Housewife Geetha says:'Due to lakh of time and need some time to prepare seasam, many prefer readily packed mixtures. With the help of maid I got the mixture prepared and a big relief with once mixture is ready.' Raghavendra, a retail shop owner said that there is good demand for ready mixtures, and he sales around 60-80 kgs of sesame every year.

Hike in price of sugar stem
The cost of sugar cane stem has gone up considerably this time.
Last year the each stem were sold for Rs 15 to Rs 20 depending on the size. While, this years its Rs 20 to Rs 30. About 60 farmers from Hole Narasipur, Hassan have come to city, and have spread over across city to sale the cane.

Ranjit said: 'Every year we come during Sankranthi festival. If we give for middleman the profit margin is very less, thus we directly come and sale the grown cane. Due to drought, we have grown cane using bore water and this time we are selling a matured stem of cane for Rs 30.'

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Kho Kho national champions daily walked miles to practice

This could be another real life example for the just released box office hit ‘Dangal’, only that the hero happens to be a class teacher.

Neither did they have a play ground to practice nor a Physical Education Teacher to train them. But they had one thing in common, the zeal to excel in Kho-Kho which did not let these poor farmers children take rest, till they achieved something big.

Walking for miles at a stretch and practicing in a coconut grove, these rural girls have achieved in kho-kho, making Kannadigas proud. The children hail from a small village named Kuruburu in T Narasipur, studying at the local Sri Nirvanaswamy Gramanthara High School. The team of ten have won the National level kho-kho tournament held at Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh from December 13 to 17 and have brought laurels to State.

Facing several problems along the way including opposition from their own families, they continued practicing relentlessly without giving up. There were instance where the locals discouraged the girls stating nothing can be achieved by playing kho-kho. But, the girls without losing hope have proved their mettle.

K Manjunath who is the Maths teacher in the school, is the inspiration behind the achievements of these girls. When he joined duty in 2008, what impressed him most was the girls chasing each other inside school premises during leisure period. Observing their running skills he arranged a running race competition in school.   

To his surprise he found girls running better than boys. It was then he introduced Athletics in the school. He took the students and helped them contest at hobli, taluk and district level sports events involving running race which gradually ended up in training them in kho-kho. They have dedicated themselves in playing kho-kho for the past six years and have won several local, district-level and state-level tournaments.  

Started with training five members, now there are more than 90 children undergoing practice in the village, and the game has gain wide popularity in the village and neighbouring villages.  

“The entire village recognises us as kho-kho players and  appreciate us more capable from boys. After started practicing Kho-kho we gained physical and mental fitness.
Now our aim is to win the premier kho-kho league to be held in December 2017,” says the winning champs.

Teacher Manjunath says: ‘I was interested to become a kho-kho player from childhood, but could not fulfill my dream. Now, there is no end for my happiness. Its because of their interest it has been possible to achieve in kho-kho. They will be given more practice and we are confident we will win the premier kho-kho league.

Village Head Kuruburu Shanthakumar said: “We are very proud of the achievements of the girls. They have made our village recogonised in National and International level kho-kho tournaments.”

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From Village to national level

The girls have practiced daily for more than four hours in morning and evening at a farm house belongs to Brungesh for nearly five years. By walk they were reaching the farm located at a distance of 1.7 kms from their school.

The management started Vidyadarshini Convent with a small play ground in 2014. The school located at a distance of 1.2 kilo meters from their school, and the girls are practicing in the ground present.

Hailing from poor farmers famililes their economic status are average. Some how couple of them have managed to buy cycles, but even today majority of girls walk miles to practice.

The team of ten who had represented the National-level Kho-Kho- tournament at Chhattisgarh are: R Preethi, P Tulasi, KR Tejaswini, Arpitha, B Chaitra, Monika, N Monashree, M Kruthika, S Vinutha and KE Sangeetha.    

The two girls who studied in the school, KS Meghana and M Veena have won in 12th South Asian Games (Soft Game) held in 2015 in Assam. They had participated against Pakisthan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka.

Surprisingly the school management have not yet appointed Physical Education Teachers. While, parents say teachers play a major role in carving future for children, and they are proud of Manjunath.