Thursday, July 28, 2016

These girls learning Upanishads staying at a residential school

 While most students consider student life as golden years meant to enjoy, bunk classes, watch movies, hang out with friends in addas or engage in chats, here is a notable exception, a couple of girls are learning Sanskrit upanishads staying at a residential school.

Kaveri Kanya Gurukulam at Srirangapatna, offers a five year integrated residential course exclusively for girls who have completed SSLC. The vision of the Gurukulam is to transmit the ancient knowledge of Upanishads to younger generation.

About 18 girls have enrolled at Gurukulam from all over the State in the last three years to learn Upanishads. The students are imparted with knowledge about both ancient Indian scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads along with the modern education system.

The girls enrolled in commerce stream are studying B.Com. Spoken English, communication skills and speaking and writing in Sanskrit are also taught alongside. The girls have to engage daily themselves in agricultural activities. Any money that is earned in the agriculture activity will be deposited to the bank account of respective students. Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Agriculture activities are also given importance. Charted Accountants, guests lecturers and teaching faculty of reputed colleges are teaching these girls.

Student Shylaja hailing from Kodagu and staying in Gurukul for the past four years said: 'Modern education will impart us with skills required to pursue a professional career while Vedic knowledge helps to understand ourselves better and ability to handle ups and downs of life easily, also to know the rich ancient knowledge.'
'In most of the places girls are denied learning Upanishads and this is a perfect platform for interested girls to learn vedic language. Listening to chirping sound of birds and Cauvery river flowing, am enjoying my journey. Moreover earning from agriculture activities brings happiness,' adds another student Ashwini from Doddaballapura.

Gurukula founder Dr KK Subramani, basically an agriculture scientist developed a sudden interest in Upanishads around 16 years ago. He decided to convert a part of his commercial plot into Gurukulam and imparting free education to girls.

'Women are more attuned to learn these subjects as they have immense patience, and can spread the Vedic knowledge to next generation. A holistic growth is essential for todays generation and spiritually oriented education helps to lead life responsibly. Unfortunately today's modern society is influenced by external sources and it is possible to transform the human behaviour through vedic tradition,' opines 54-year-old Subramani.

Apoorva a psychology student who also has deep interests about ancient wisdom is assisting her father in his endevaour, says: 'Learning upanishads helps the young minds to make correct decisions at correct time, and to remove conflicts and solve adolescent problems. Its not about any religion, whereas to know ourselves.'

Only after conducting camps and ensuring they can adjust to the Gurukula life the students are selected. They will be made aware of what's happening in the world. About 20 students can be enrolled for every batch, she added.

Agriculture Scientist finds solution for papaya ringspot virus

Here comes the good news for papaya growers. Finally a problem that that had been plaguing Papaya cultivators has been tackled. The farmers who were fed up with the ringspot virus that affected the crop now can look forward to harvesting good fruits.

The efforts of KK Subramani, an Agriculture Scientist and an advisor in Department of Agriculture for GoI, who was involved in research on Papaya for the past seven years, to find a solution to the virus that afflicted the papaya plant has finally yielded fruits. 

Being an expert on genetics he has changed the character of the plants and has made the plants resistant to the disease and also made them grow healthier. To undertake experiments on a big scale in fields, he has distributed papaya seeds to farmers.  

After visiting several countries like Hawai, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and collecting Papaya seeds from there he worked out a solution on his own. Over the past seven years of his continuous research he has not only found a cure to make papaya plants rid of all diseases, but also enhanced the sweetness of the fruits, the inner colour and hardness. Another major breakthrough of his invention is that even after harvesting the crop it can be stored for 15 days naturally retaining the freshness.  Being an expert on genetics he has changed the character of the plants to increase the resistance of the plants.  

He says, around 1200 saplings can be planted in an acre of land, and a farmer can harvest nearly 80 to 100 tonnes in a span of two years. The papaya starts bearing fruit within a span of one year. In first year one plant gives 60 kg of fruits, while in second year 40 kg. Chamarajanagar Horticulture Deputy Director Nagaraj said that at present around an average of 35-40 tonne of fruits can be produced in an acre of land in a span of three years, and added farmers are badly affected with the ringspot virus the yield has come down. 

Agriculture Scientists Subramani displaying papaya infected with ringspot virus, and a healthy papaya plant grown under insect proof net at his agriculture land located at Bommuru Agrahara, Srirangapatna, Mandya district. 

“Papaya is not native of India. The farmers in country are importing seeds from a Taiwan based company. Over the past decade papaya growers were burning their fingers because of the Ring Spot virus which destroyed the crop. With severe drop in yield, farmers were helpless. Thus I decided to do research on Papaya. I found the technique where virus can be checked and farmers will get good yields. My research of seven years has borne fruit,” adds Subramani.

'There is a good demand for papaya because of the immense health benefits it has and papaya growers can have a good business if the virus attack is prevented. By cultivating the plants inside a simple insect proof net is the simple remedy to check the attack of virus, as the white flies which carries the virus cannot attack the plants. For an acre of land the net cost is around Rs 4 lakh and the the government provides huge subsidy for the crop, which motivates farmers to take up cultivation,' he added.

He has cultivated a special two acres of land just to give demo to the farmers. Here papaya plants afflicted with the virus attack are grown on one half while the other half contains the healthy plants protected by the net yielding good fruits. He wants to motivate farmers to once take up papaya cultivation, as huge subsidy is provided for women farmers by the government of India. He is also planning to take a patent for papaya seeds after getting feed back from the farmers.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Young entrepreneur finding Mysuru most for their startups

After Bengaluru, Mysuru is the second fastest growing city in the State providing ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to start new ventures. Over the past two years the city has witnessed quite a good number of youngsters who are coming out with innovative startups ideas.

Young enterprenuers from different parts of the State, are finding Mysuru most attractive for their startups. In the last few years, many who had planned to launch their startups in metro cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad, had eventually shifted to Mysuru.

Good road connectivity, completion of double line railway track between the city and Bengaluru, high scope for innovation with Bengaluru already saturated, good infrastructure and marketing facility, affordable rental charges, tourist destination, environmental factors, quality of life, starting up cost is less, low traffic density, and several other reasons has made many newcomers to choose Mysuru for their new ventures.

24-year-old Sumanth Prabhu and Nikhil Shetty, a native of Shivamogga they did not had any links with Mysuru, but still decided to establish their business in Mysuru as there was not much competition. The duo are founders of VESTO, an education technology company that develops activity based learning products, fun and experiential for the students and enable them to innovate while in Schools.
They say starting up cost is less than Rs 10,000 per month in Mysuru, which considerably reduced their monthly expenses while bootstrapping. “Bengaluru was saturated with too many competitors and high operational costs. Though our product was very unique we didn’t want to get into Bengaluru at the initial stages due to high investment costs in startup. As market potential was not that huge in Shivamogga, we finalised Mysuru. Now we are happy there is good demand for our product.”

25-year-old Prathiba Nayak, a Managing partner of Nakhsha builders and a native of Mengaluru says: 'Being in Mysuru, I realised the city has tremendous opportunities and there is a great scope. Bengaluru is saturated and the scope for innovations is less. The heritage city also has the advantage of being a well planned city like that of Chandigarh. We intend to keep Mysuru as our head office as we keep expanding business.'

'Earlier had plans to startup in Bengaluru. While, starting in Mysuru was a strategic decision. Mysuru is a value based city where businesses are still done the traditional way, which gives us an immense opportunity to test our business. Bengaluru is very much crowded with startsup, and having genuine business is quite challenging. There is a great boost of morale for startups to go to next level in Mysuru. Low cost living and marketing is a major advantage,' adds 31-year-old Vaibhav of Ipopi, an ads India's first restroom branding company.

BC Nanjappa, an Agri graduate and Chaitra Narayan who have jointly founded Codagu Agritech said: 'We chose Mysuru and Kushalnagar to start our industry as we primarily deal on plantation and horticulture related products. We plan to expand our market to other crops. Also, we would like to set an example by encouraging rural science graduates to take up jobs locally and promote a scientific temperament among rural youth. All our employees are graduated from remote villages in Coorg.'

Pragnya, Chair of Yi Emerge, a youth wing of CII says: 'Mysuru can become number one startup capital in tier 2 cities soon. Funding, government support, mentorship are some of the challenges. We collect inputs from the startups on what challenges they were facing, and what support they needed to emerge. By conducting workshops, seminars, we are motivating youngsters to take up businesses.'

What industrialist say:

Confederation of Indian Industry Chairman N Muthukumar, over the past year and a half, most startups in the MSME sector have shown keen interest towards Mysuru as apart good infrastructure the city also offers good net connectivity.

Small Scale Industries Association President Jayanth said; 'Several government schemes has promoted youngsters to take up the business. Presently State Government is offering a low rate of interest to encourage entrepreneurs and increasing number of youngsters, including women entrepreneurs are coming forward to set up businesses. If the amount is increased to Rs 2 crore, we can see rapid growth in industrial sector.'

Industrialist Sudhakar Shetty said that government should reduce the lease value of the land for 90 years, or introduce 'lease cum sale' option, then the industry can grow much more rapidly in Mysuru.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rash driving claims hundreds of live on Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway

The Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway has turned into a death trap because of rash driving. An average every year 400 accidents are reported and more than 2000 people get injured.

As many as 1026 people lost their lives in road accidents on Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway between 2014 and June 2016 while more than 8000 people have been injured some critically during the same period.

It is estimated that on an average 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles pass over this stretch every day, and the figures goes upto more than 1 lakh during weekends. According to Mandya Police most of the tourists plan their weekend trip to Srirangapatna, Muthathi, and continue journey towards
Mysuru, Kodagu, Bandipur, Ooty, Kerala and other places.

Inspite of removal of road humps along the highway following several complaints that they were causing accidents, it has not been able to bring down the death rates. Even the moveable barricades that were put up at some places are themselves damaged when some speeding vehicles dash into them carelessly.

“Down the years the density of vehicles have increased enormously. Majority of the accidents are caused due to over speeding of vehicles. Some times negligence by local residents has also has also caused accidents. Though awareness programmes are held it is of no use. With shortage of staff it has not been possible to post a traffic police at several critical junctions, which is mandatory as per law,” said an Senior Police Officer, who didnt wished to be named.

Mandya SP Sudheer Kumar Reddy said: 'We are planning to introduce a new design of expandable barricades which helps to prevent accidents.
A preliminary meeting has been held in this regard with highway authorities and in the next meeting the design will be finalised, and same will be implemented in all State Highways.

Suggestions by localities
It is observed that majority of the accidents are happening because of absence of service roads on either side of the highway, lack of sign boards and when drivers make an abrupt turn or slow down their vehicles in order to avoid a pothole on the road. While some commercial establishments including choultries located along the highway don't have parking space, the visitor's vehicles are seen parked on road. This leads to congestion on the road leading to accidents, say localities.

K Narayan who commutes on Mysuru-Bengaluru road every alternate day says: 'Officials should educate villagers about accident prone areas. Most of the time villagers abruptly enter the main road without noticing the vehicles coming from the opposite direction or even cross the road all of a sudden. The resulting confusion ends in accident. At least road humps should be brought back at the entrance to the villages, where the road connects to the highway.'

Kodishetti Pura Village Head Marigwoda said: 'Most fatal incidents are never reported. Over speeding vehicles have to be booked on the spot, which will send a strong message to other drivers. Special drive has to be chalked out on the highways to avoid deaths on the stretch and ensure safe journey.'
“There are several instances when villagers stage a protest whenever death occurs but without any results. Some curves are very dangerous, and there is need to place speed breakers at such places. The number of Life Saving “Jeevan Raksha” centers on highways has to be increased which at present is located only at Srirangapatna and Maddur,” opines a retired school teacher Shashikumar.

'Moveable barricades have been placed along the road curves which is not prominently visible and hence goes unnoticed by most of the drivers. At a few places road medians have been removed by villagers which is dangerous. The proposed eight lane road make take a couple of years for completion. Until then, if humps in Thugunkere, kalenahalli, Sundali, Yellyur Cross, Enduvala, Kodishetti is brought back it will help to avoid accidents',
adds Prabhu, auto driver.

 Road Accidents reported in Mandya district
* 2014 - 408 killed - 2,200 injured
* 2015 - 410 killed - 2500 injured
* 2016 (till June) - 208 killed, injured 1,080.
* Roughly around 20 deaths have been reported this month.

Tourists visiting Chamundi Hill on Ashada Fridays feel let down

Mysuru being a tourists hub, attracts tourists from across globe. Whereas, those visit Chamundi Hill in Ashada Fridays face a problem because of the huge crowd. Unaware of the huge crowd in the Aashada, the unsuspecting tourist who visit Mysuru to have a darshan of Goddess Chamundeshwari are getting disappointed due to the huge Aashada Masa crowd on Fridays.

Though most of the travel agents are suggesting people that this is the wrong time to visit Chamundi Hill, some of the tourists are taking a chance to visit the hill, and are returning looking at the sea of people, as unable to stand in queue for hours together.

“Though we suggest tourists not to visit Chamundi Hill on Aashada Fridays, some of them will take a chance and return within two hours, looking at the huge queue,” says Taxi Driver Praveen.

Mysuru Travel Mart Chairperson Prashanth said that most of the tourist who come to Mysuru, travel towards Kerala, Coorg, Ooty, and those halt in Mysuru is very less. 'The district administration should introduce Mysuru Tourists Card in the Aashada month to visit places like Karanji Lake, Palace, Zoo, Chamundi Hill, Nanjangud and other surrounding places. The tourist who have the card should be given entry in the VIPs queue. So that it will boost tourism, as with a gratification tourists can continue their journey,' he suggests.

NM Shashikumar, Deputy Director, Department of Tourism, Mysore
said that after launch of e-ticketing system which is at initial stage tourists will be allowed in VIP counter during Aashada Fridays to have darshana. Under e-ticketing system tourist will be given single ticket to visit zoo, place, and Chamundi Hill.

Speaking to Express, Mani, a woman from Tamil Nadu who visited Mysuru first time said: “This is my first visit to Chamundi Hill. Am surprised to see such a huge crowd. I thought of going back looking at the crowd. But still made my mind to have darshana. Have stood in the queue from 9 am and I had darshana around 2.30 pm. Will come back on some other time to have darshana, as it was not much satisfying.”

Tourists from North Karnataka Sowmya and Rajkumar said that 'We came early morning and had darshana after standing in queue for six long hours. There is need of making separate arrangements to have darshan of Goddess for tourists.'

Self confidence is secret behind her success

Winning the Mysuru City Corporation bypoll election for Ashwini means much more than just winning. She contested on the seat that became vacant after death of her husband Ananthu, who represented Ward 58 passed away.

Her win was not only due to sympathy, but also because of the good work Ananthu had done and goodwill he had created among members of the ward, added to it her bold decisions and self confidence. He was Corporator won from the Congress Party.
Ashwini, being a housewife, with two children, and no support from husband who always stood by her, she did not lose her heart.
When she was denied ticket from the Congress Party, she took it as a challenge and decided to contest as Independent candidate.

In spite of facing several hurdles during the election campaigning, she did not lose her confidence, but continued her campaign personally meeting people in the ward, which ensured her victory. She confesses that it was only because of love and affection towards late Ananthu, people have elected her and she want to reciprocate back in the same way.

Strongly supporting her husbands views, she has also vowed to address the problems of the wards, and also to fulfill her husband dream. She wants to visit people personally and listen to their grievances.

'Water and UGD are the major problem of the ward. Repair of road works, and eventually laying of new UGD pipelines will be taken up. Four acres of government land is vacant in the ward. Ananthu had dreamt of construction a government hospital, Samudaya Bhavan, and a model school in the land. I want to bring them all in reality. My only goal in life is to fulfill all my husband dreams,' she adds.

She further gave a call for women not to lose confidence, and to live for others who love them. 'We have to over come all hurdles, and stand bravely. There is a solution for every problem and at any time women should not lose confidence. The pain should be with us, and not to be shown in face.'

When questioned about her plans to contest from any political party in next election, she said after holding meet with supporters she will take a call in the regard. Degree holder Ashwini has won the election by securing 1248 votes out of 3,594 votes cast (total voters 6124). In her next two year tenure she has planned several development works. 

His mission is to teach people Yoga for Rural India

His mission in life is to teach people Yoga, a simple and effective way to keep themselves healthy. But not only to foreigners and city dwellers whereas also to those living in villages.

By launching webiste on International Yoga Day, he is reaching the masses in rural India and training people to practice yoga. He is more particular that women and children learn this great Indian knowledge of yore. This 42-year-old yoga expert Badari Narayan Iyengar a software engineer has a world record in performing Shirsasana (king of yoga postures).

While the whole world was busy celebrating International Yoga Day, he did it silently without any public glare by teaching people in villages about the benefits of yoga. He also uses this opportunity to spread the message of Swatch Bharat Mission telling villagers not to practice open defecation. Making use of power point presentation he is making them aware of the advancements in science and technologies and several such similar things.

The programmes were held at Gaynalli in KR Nagar Taluk and Government School in Kamalapura, Periyapatna Taluk. He is also taking the help of NGOs and SHGs to spread the knowledge of yoga.

'Yoga will help not only to co-exist but also grow along with nature. While in cities there are several yoga trainers and people are quite aware of it. Whereas the rural people lack knowledge of this. So, I decided to educate rural populace. I want to reach 365 villagers by next international yoga day,” adds, Badri who quit a job earning handsome salary just to spread yoga.

He has performed Shirsasana at more than 1000 places in and around South East Asia, including UNESCO Heritage Sites. He says: Shirsasana gives maximum benefit to all parts of the body, as the blood flows towards the brain, against the gravity. 'While performing at UNESCO sites many people approached me out of curiosity and extended invitation to visit their countries which in turn helped me to spread goodness of yoga, an ancient practice of India.'

Going down the memory lane he said: 'I was practicing yoga since my mychildhood. But it was only about 25 years ago I started to realize the immense health benefits of Yoga which can be made use of by the Corporate employees to over come their stress, hat's when I started teaching them yoga. My first yoga classes was conducted for corporate employees at Malaysia where I used to work for a leading software company.'

Bhadari, who is also a National Level boxer, has represented Sports Authority of India Federation Boxing Championship. His father late KR Srinivasan was an National body builder. He has to his credit Limca Book of World Records, India's book of records, Asia book of records, unique world records, Assist world records. He has been conferred with Honorary doctorate from World Record Society.


Each ward to have libraries soon in Mysuru city

Here comes good news for city dwellers who were deprived of library facility. Mysore City Corporation in association with City Central Library to construct about 40 libraries in city.

Most of the residents in the extension areas does not have access to library facilities, and were coming to City Central Library located to quench their reading thirst. According to officials, only residents of 30 wards can have access to library, out of 65 wards. Added to this, nine more layouts have been handed over to MCC by MUDA recently. Thus, a study has been done on library requirements and measures have been taken to set up libraries in all wards.  

The libraries will be constructed by MCC, utilising the pending due of Rs 9 crore library cess. An average Rs 3.5 crore library cess in collected every year by MCC. Mysore University graduates and post graduates from library department of Mysore University will be roped in for maintenance. The apprentice will get practical exposure, experience on how library function, and also money for their work.
City Central Library Deputy Director B Manjunath said that Mysuru will be first city to have libraries in all wards. 'There was demand from public seeking libraries, and thus measures have been taken to construct more libraries. This will promote treading habit among citizens and  increases members for the libraries. Even plans are on card to extend e-library facilities to all libraries in phase manner,' he added.

Mayor Bhyrappa said that tenders will be invited by this month end, and each library will be constructed at the cost of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh, depending on the site measurement. About Rs 20 lakh will be spent to purchase books, furniture for the library.

e-library facility soon at Central Library  

After the launch of e-library service at JP Nagar, the service is being extended to City Central Library, where there are more than 5500 members. 20 computers will be set up, and required basic facilities will be given for readers. With large number footfalls are received by City Central Library, the initiative to benefit lot of students, research scholars, and those are interested to read books on online.   Even non members can use the e-library facilities. A proposal of Rs 20 lakh has been sent to government in this regard.    

Full fledged modern library at People's Park

A full fledged modern library will come up at People's Park. Stock room, reference room, paper / magazine rooms will be constructed.  Ladies, gents, children, senior citizens, physically challenged, blinds will have a separate blocks. It also includes Deputy Director Office, Meeting Hall, and other Administrative Blocks. The building will be constructed at the cost of Rs 5 crore. The works will commence from August, soon after getting clearance from the government for the revised estimation.    

Libraries in district
There are around one lakh members in the District from both City Central Library and District Central Library. There are 272 libraries in district and eight branches. 236 libraries are located in 235 gram panchayats, while 30 city libraries, 3 slum library; 3 nomades library. There is a good response for recently re-launched Mobile Library, which is being halted in 36 wards as per the schedule.  

CBNAAT to diagnoses patient with Tuberculosis

HIV patients in the district can now heave a sigh of relief. The relevant test required to be undergone by every HIV patient to determine whether they are suffering from Tuberculosis, can be done locally.

The equipment required to conduct the test which diagnoses whether a patient has Tuberculosis or not, known as 'Cartridge-Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test' (CBNAAT) has been set up at KR Hospital.

Officials say, the machine is helpful in the early detection of TB among HIV positive patients and children. The diagnostic tool can not only detect whether a persons is infected with TB or not but also can identify whether it is a drug resistance TB type or drug sensitive TB, all within a span of just two hours. The instrument prints out the report, which can be operated by any trained laboratory technician.

Earlier, 10-12 samples of sputum were sent to Bengaluru for diagnosis every month. It took considerable time to get back the report. The delay may lead to further increase the infection. Thus, CBNAAT is a boon for patients, as the diagnosis can be done easily. With early detection their life span can be increased and prevent further spread of disease.

The machine can also be deployed to easily identified whether children too have symptoms of TB. This is a pilot project and in coming days the facility will be extended for all other cases of suspected TB.

The machine is being set up in seven districts including in Mysore.
Required training is already being imparted to the staff and the machine will be operational in the next couple of days. Mysuru, Mandya, Chamarajanagar, Kodagu patients can make use of this new equipment.

Speaking to Express, District TB Control Officer Dr Suvarna said that to strengthen the HIV and TB Collaborative activities, as per the WHO guidelines the machines is being presented to KR Hospital. “As HIV patients are more vulnerable to TB, it becomes crucial to identify TB affliction among HIV Positive patients at the earliest. This new testing equipment will fasterdiagnosis of HIV patients with TB,” she added.

The Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) in collaboration with Central TB Division has set up the CBNAAT.

Tree Park, one more attractive tourist spot in Mysore

 Here comes one more attractive tourist spot in Mysore. The Tree park developed by Forest Department at Yelwala to attract tourists soon.

Located at 15 kms from City, just a 25 minutes ride the visitors will enjoy the forest ambiance in a sprawling 530 acres of land.

About 50 species of more than 60,000 plants, including herbal, medicinal value plants have been planted in the area to create a forest atmosphere, including a pond. The park already attracts more than 100 different species and officials hope more species of birds can be spotted in days to come.

About 10 kilo meter treeking path, cycling path, adventure park to attract children, Pegolas, banyan trees, and all basic amenities like drinking, toilet facility will be provided. The children can enjoy the adventure games like horizontal ladder, elephant walk, tunnel cross, tyre swing. Ampitheater, football ground, volley ball ground, have also been planned.

Historical Aloka Palace located in the premises is another major advantage for those visit the Tree Park. The Palace was used by Waidyar Families to relax after hunting animals. In all the park developed at the cost of Rs 40 lakhs will become tourist hub.

Deputy Conservator of Forest Karikalan said: 'Tree Park attract children towards nature with increase in green cover. More than 50 movies shooting have been done at Aloka Palace. In next two weeks dozens of cycle will be provided freely for the visitors, so that they can go around and have a good time. For security purpose patrolling will be done.'

Chief Conservative of Forest Parameshwara said that the forest cover across State is 22 per cent. In Mysuru District geographical area about 16 per cent is forest area including Bandipur and Nagarhole. About 20 percent is forest area and three percen trees have been planed outside the forest.'
Sandhya, students of Government Primary School, Halakamana Hundi said that she had good time in the adventure park, and will make sure visit the Tree Park oftenly and play.

‘Koti Vruksha’
The Forest Officials are gearing up to plant atleast 15 lakh saplings in Mysuru district from July 2 to 10, as part of Koti Vruksha Programme, which aims of planting 1 crore sapling across state, as announced in the budget. About 17.5 lakh of saplings has been raised in Hunsur Forest Division, while 15 lakh in Mysuru Forest Division. Accompanied with farmers, volunteers of various organisation tree plantation programme will be taken up.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

City records alarming rise in burglaries

Due to unfilled vacancies it has become a challenge for the Police Department to deploy additional police personnel for day / night beats

Incidents of burglaries are on the rise in the city. This is happening inspite of police personnel creating awareness among the public by distributing leaflets, conducting awareness programmes and house visits.

The theft cases which was 44 in 2013, increased to 58 in 2014, and jumped to 82 in 2015. Already 56 cases have registered this year (2016). This apart, as many as 123 incidents of thefts due to house breaks during day and night time have been registered in 2015, against 106 in 2014.

About 350 motor vehicle theft cases were registered in 2014, which increased to 356 in 2015, and in the last six months already 202 cases have been booked. The heartening factor is that about 60 per cent of the cases have been solved.
In a good move the petty theft cases like pickpocket, purse lifting, mobile and laptop thefts and others registered has come down. As many as 119 cases were registered in 2013, while 108 in 2014; 82 in 2015. This year 53 cases have been registered.

With rapid rise in urban population and also due to migration in search of labour and better job opportunities, the crime rate in the city has shot up but the strength of the police force has remained the same without increasing proportionately. This has been attributed as the main reason for the criminals to have a free hand. But Police officials keep insisting that people should change their mindset and take preventive steps to protect their property.

Any kind of safe locker, big locks or even computer locks can be broken by the skilled burglar. Within no time the thieves breaks can gain entry into house, steal the valuables and vanish. As most of the reported cases of burglary were from residential areas, cops advice residents that burglary rates can be brought down by shifting their valuables to banks when they are out of station, or to alert police personnel.

Sources in the police department confessed that with the ever rise in population and shortage of staff it has become a tough task for officials to investigate reported incidents of burglaries and others crimes. They opine that by only by recruiting adequate staff it is possible to deploy more police on beats, both during day as well as night time, which helps to bring down the crime rate. With the city poised to grow rapidly in the coming years, the government should take a call in this regard, added a senior police officer who did not wish to be named.

CCRB Inspector Mallesh says: 'Most people still fail to inform their nearest police station whenever they lock their house and go out of station for long periods. They should understand that mere locks will not protect a house from being burgled. Residents should keep valuables in bank lockers and inform cops whenever they go out so that police beat will be increased in the neighbourhood of the house.'

Now interact with students of other colleges

This educational network website deals with issue of students related to academics, job opportunities
The tough lessons they learnt as students has prompted these youngsters to launch an educational network website which deals with issues such as taught subjects with related which no proper interaction nor expert guidance and many such related issues. This interactive website is named

A group of six engineers have come together and have developed the website EdTouch, which helps students who want to prepare for competitive exams, job interviews and more importantly to clear the doubts they may have about the subjects being taught in the classrooms by chatting live online with students and lecturers of other colleges.

The site Ed touch (Edition for your Education) is built on an open source platform that helps students to study with confidence and develop a successful career. Guidance on both Academic and Career will be given to PU, Degree, Diploma and Engineering students can make use of the website.
The website brings together professionals with diverse backgrounds such as experienced professors and subject experts providing guidance and also at times career advice from HRs. Even the students can write online mock IBPS/KAS/IAS exams.

The unique feature of this website is that students of any college can chat with a student or lecturer of another college live (inter-college chatting), and get their academies doubts cleared instantly, know activities of other colleges and also share their views. By downloading the EdTouch app in their smart phones the students can engage in e-learning anytime, anywhere.
The team members are Prathap HR; Sathyaprasad HR; Kishore Babu BH; Phaneesh M; Naveena BS; and Swamynayaka S. They say, based on their own experiences and challenges they faced they have designed the website, where students will get answer for all questions.

Communication skills, spoken English classes will be conducted for job aspirants. H R blog is also in under construction where H R of several companies will post details of vacancies. Interested candidates can give interview through video calling which is enable on this web site only save the time.
'Students had faced problems to pose a question for a lecturer due to inferiority complex, and fear of lecturer or professors. That's when we thought of providing an opportunity to discuss with other college students and lecturers. Easily available of questions papers, and interviews through video calling software and appointing candidates. We have made all our thoughts / dreams come true,' add members.
R&D Head Prathap says: "

This website works has a bridge between job seekers and job providers through online. Ed touch is platform for students to utilize their skills knowledge and activities for their career and job providers also can get passionate and knowledgeable candidates for their requirement. With one touch of  Ed Touch HRs can able to connect with plenty of job seekers.

Technical Head and website designer Sathya says by downloading the EdTouch app in their smart phones the students can engage in e-learning anytime, anywhere. we have made a resource for all students to get into benefites of it.

Phaneesh says : What next is the common question for students, in transition concept we are helping the students by providing guidance and career related stuffs by this students can come out of that dilemma. EDTOUCH will be very beneficiary to the students as it is providing the simple and standard solutions and updates.

Choose where to enter
* Academia: Access unlimited academic stuffs across all discipline and get in touch with professors and your peers.
* Transition: be illuminated and know your opportunities.
* Career opportunities: Be advised and get into the work place that is meant for you.

Working professional dedicate time to care stray dogs

    'We provide food and shelter, you provide love, show compassion for these pets,' say volunteers of People for Animal who are working in different professions, and have dedicate their precious time to care stray dogs, cats and ensure the pets are adopted by pet lovers.

There are instances where dogs and cats tied in a gunny bag thrown inside the compound. It's tragic how some animals that were cared for and was part of some families have now been abandoned and don't have a home anymore,' say volunteers.

Few of the active volunteers sharing their experience with Express, said: 'The pets need compassion and we request public to visit PFA and spend some time. With lack of awareness among pets, most of the people lag behind to adopt animals. They think already trained pets will not listen to their words, which is a wrong conception.  
Spending time with pets is the best thing to do after a stressful day to unwind with these furry friends and enjoy the love and affection they shower on you.' 

Arjun who runs travel portal says: 'Was very much scared of dogs from his childhood. After becoming volunteer of PFA, I have adopted a dog, which I love the most today. PFA is a temporary home for pets and we give assistance how to care for pets.'

Jayanth Kashyap, working as an Visual Designer in a software firm, Arcane Softwares, Mysore, says: 'I feel this as a chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around us. I volunteer for the social aspect to climb the social ladder while helping those less fortunate.'

Vishakha says: I first started volunteering for PFA in my second year of engineering. Since then it has been a great way of meeting like minded , passionate animal lovers. We work collaboratively to organise adoption drives and veterinary camps. There's always something fun to do. The friends I've made thanks to PFA , human and animal, are an irreplaceable part of life now.

Volunteer Vashist dog lover since their childhood say: ' Its been wonderful and satisfying experience to work for needy and stray animals. As I work in Bangalore now, I make a visit to PFA on weekends and volunteer in whatever way I can.'

People for Animals is a nationwide NGO. The PFA center is Mysore is functioning from last six years. Along with clinical services, the volunteers provide ambulance pickups for injured/sick animals and a strong adoption and rehabilitation service. 

Know about pets

Sunday Pet school will be held every month on every 3rd Sunday. People will be educated about Rabiies awareness, dog and cat grooming, animal birth control, common diseases, how to take care of old age dogs. Till date 814 puppies, 150 adult dogs and 106 kittens have been adopted through PFA, with an average of 20 adoption inquiries come in every month. 

* Abandoned, injured or blind dogs, dogs met with accidents, stray dogs will be sheltered at PFA.
* Four veterinary doctors are there to take care of pets
* Adoption of pets will be given
* Sunday Pet school to educate populace

List of animals in PFA
Dog - 72; Pups- 15; Cats & kittens - 30; Horses- 7; Calf - 2; Rabbits- 6; Guinea pigs- 9;
Kites- 20; Monkey- 9; Pigs- 2.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The famous Lingambudhi Lake to sport a new look

The famous lake in Mysuru 'Lingambudhi' to sport a new look. The forest department to develop the lake at the cost of Rs 1.74 crore, on lines of Karanaji Lake.

Beautification of the entrance and garden area, development of five artificial islands, drinking water and toilet facilities, walking path, amphitheater, children play area have been planned.

Rashi & Nakshatra Vana (Star Garden) will be renovated and watch towers will be constructed at two places. Plantation programme will be taken up over 25 acres of land and 'Mantapa' in the lake will be renovated. Aerial view point to lake will be constructed in two places.

By improvising the artificial islands nesting and breeding of birds will be encouraged, and suitable works are being done to make the rain water reach the lake easily. Solar lamps will be installed and Sergola structure will be erected. This apart, a Butterfly park and walkways to reach lake will be constructed and provision for boating will also be made.

Spread over a sprawling area of 216 acres, located in Srirampura, the lake attract more than 42 species of butterflies, 200 species of birds; while more than 50 species of trees are found. With the proposed development works more species of birds are expected to come.
Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change under ‘Nagar Vana-Udyan Yojana’ have identified 200 cities to take up the development works, of which Lingabudhi Lake is one.

'The water in the lake is soiling with sewage water entering. The officials should first take measures to stop the flow. With construction of toilets and providing drinking water facility hundreds of people visiting the lake will be benefited immensely,' says Jayashree a regular walker in the lake area.

Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) V Karikalan said that works will start beginning August second week, and added that letter correspondence has been done with MCC and MUDA officials to construct sewage treatment plant at six places.

* The lake constructed in 1828, was named after Lingajammani wife of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III.
* The land was handed over to forest department in 2001, and notified in 2011.
* The watershed area is about 38 acres.
* Entering of sewage water is a biggest problem
* Migratory birds from Asia, Eastern Europe come here for nexrting during winter. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Mandya farmers are slowly adopting to grow alternative crops

Farmers in Mandya district are slowly adopting to grow alternative crops after being severely hit with the falling prices of sugarcane. Though this belt was famous for paddy and sugarcane which was their staple crop since several decades, falling prices have made them to rethink about growing traditional crops.

The demand for cashew plantation, drum stick, mango, Hebbevu (Millia Dubia), vegetables, and others has increased says officers of Agriculture Department, Horticulture Department, Forest Department who are engaged in creating awareness among farmers about the alternate crops.

Karnataka Cashew Development Corporation has provided one lakh saplings of cashew, of which around 30,000 saplings have been distributed to farmers over the past two days. Nearly 3 lakh saplings of Hebbavu has been distributed to the seven taluks of Mandya.

Deputy Conservator of Forest V Ramalinge Gowda said that compared to cane, water requirements of cashew is less and the farmers can grow inter crop. Saplings of Vengurla 4, a variety of cashew, is being distributed among the farmers and the main advantage of this special variety is it grows easily in any type soil.

As a pilot project cultivation of cashew has been taken up in 40 acres of land in Hulivana, Yarethittu Village located 12 kms from Mandya.

About 400 saplings can be planted in a hectare of land which yields around 300 kgs of cashew for very 100 plants. Cashew also being a commercial crop they can earn good returns. The first yield per tree is around 1.5 kg which later it will increase.

Hebbevu leaves can be used as fodder for cattle, while the bark of the tree is best suited for furniture. In a span of 8 years, the tree matures and the farmer can earn good money. About 400 saplings can be grown in an acre of land.

Small drum sticks which generates income between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh in a span of three months is also being promoted and farmers are evincing keen interest, said an horticulture officer. After being hit by drought farmers have been advised to adopt drip irrigation on the lines of farmers in kolar district and grow vegetables.

Quite a good number of farmers have come forward voluntarily to grow alternate crops, while others are being educated by field officers at the hobli levels, especially those who have been growing cane for the past several years.

'Only for 48 per cent of the cane has to be grown in the region whereas farmers have grown sugarcane more than 70 per cent. Because of this excess production, sugar factories are unable to crush all the cane grown. Crop rotation techniques have to be adopted where farmers are encouraged to grow alternative crops,' said an officer.

It is not just the fall in prices of sugarcane, but also the severe water crisis due to weak monsoon and the lack of Government initiative to provide remunerative prices have made farmers look to other alternatives', said Maddur Farmer Leader Nagaraj.

Agro forestry will be boon for farmers

'Aagadu endu kai katti kulitar' of Bangarada Manushya Film has influenced this farmer to higher extent. Working hard in his 86 acres of plot, he is not only generating good income, whereas giving job for several.

Meet this land lord, K Krishnappa, who is generating good income in organic farming and agro forestry. In his 86 acres of land in Kollegal, and Hullahalli he has grown Sandalwood, Sapota, Hebbeavvu, Neem, Jamoon, Mango, Amla and other trees and has also grown varieties of vegetables.

He says: 'By working hard we can harvest gold in our land. By practicing mixed farming farmers can become economically stronger, and also agro forestry helps to keep the environment stable.

Tips will be provided for farmers freely regarding how to improve their income, and easy methods to be followed to grow greens and vegetables organically, he said.

Speaking to Express, he said that as Organic farming is practiced good returns can be obtained within six years, he asked the small and marginal farmers to give importance for agro-forestry and practice mixed farming.

Stating free saplings of Hebbevu tree will be distributed for interested farmers, he gave a call for farmers to visit the Vanasiri Swadeshi Centre in Kuvempunagar, which will be inaugurated on December 13 and obtain information about agro forestry.

Farmers asked to take up agroforestry

'Hebbavu is alternative for tobacco,' says AC Lakshman, retired forest secretary

AC Lakshman, retired forest secretary gave a call for farmers to grow Hebbevu plants in large, which not only fetch good revenue for farmers, whereas also helps to recharge ground water, and protect environment.  'There is very good demand for Hebbevu tree wood in market. The leaves of Hebbevu can be used for cattle feeding, and woods are considered as one among the top 10 to make furniture, interior designs,' he adds.

'An average by growing ten trees for five-six years farmer will get a minimum of Rs 10,000 per tree. With state reeling under drought, farmers can grow Hebbevu and change their economic condition. Farmers in large are growing the plant in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,' he added.

Stating Hebbavu is alternative for tobacco, he said that farmers can earn more through Hebbavu plantation, than what they earn in tobacco cultivation. 'The major benefit of growing the plants is the roots have good water holding capacity, and helps to ground water recharge. By taking Hebbavu plantation in large we can over come drought gradually,' he opined.

Farmer Basavegowda said: 'The Hebbevu are fastest growing tree, compared to bamboo. Farmers can fetch good money within a span of six years. With value addition for the wood, there is a new ray of hope. Earlier was growing tobacco in 2.5 acres of land, and now have planted nearly 600 Hebbavu in the land, worth Rs nearly 70 lakhs.'

DFO Balachandra said that with quite a good number of farmers are showing interest to grow Hebbavu, slowly foreign export is catching up.

Toys out of Hebbavu
Here comes the good news for Channapatna toy makers. With non availability of Aale Mara (ivory wood) the artisans who were facing hardship to continue in the indigenous wood toy making work can now relax.
The Forest department officials are supplying wood of Hebbevu (Melia Dubia), which is similar to teak quality. By adding value addition to the Heebevu the farmers will also get good money, and the Channapatna toys to get reviewed again. This will create employment, revenue for farmers, and a protection of traditional toy work, say officials.

He is on a mission to spread world peace

M Chakravarthy is on a mission to spread world peace by by riding a cycle with white flags and displaying a board which reads: 'In this world.... All countries and religions people are our friends.... Lets have world Peace.'

A native of Tamil Nadu, he started his journey in 2012 from pedaling to Tamil Nadu to Bengaluru. He has visited several districts in Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in the last three years, and now planning to tour South India.

A Watchman by profession at Indira Nagar, he works for four to five months, and keep the earned money for his expenditure on the route. He says: 'As I use cycle, the expenditure cost is very less. I manage for food, breakfast with the earned money for four months. On the way some sponsors give some money, accommodation.'

'From my childhood have witnessed people quarreling for religion, property, caste, and several silly reasons. I visit schools, colleges and spread the message of love, peace to the young minds, which will surely help to step towards harmony. In the villages few people have stopped me and inquired about my reason of spread peace message. They realise the need of peace in life, and motivate me further,' he added. His wish to tour South India. 

For a change, some govt schools are giving private ones run for money

While the government is mulling to open model schools for every gram panchayat, a group of concerned citizens are silently working on improving the strength of the schools and have succeeded in networking 700 schools in eight districts, attracting hundreds of parents to voluntarily enroll their wards for these Government run schools.

Giving a tough fight for private run schools, as many as 130 schools in Mandya, 165 in Tumkur, 66 in Hassan, 93 in Kolar, 115 in Chikkabalapur, 41 in Ballari, 35 in Koppal and 55 in Raichur districts are creating a new revolution. There are instances whereseveral government schools have stopped admissions due to over capacity something unheard of in modern times.

The strength of the century-old Government Model Higher Primary School in KR Pet which was just 110 in 2014-15, has now crossed 650 and still admissions are going on. In the same way, other government schools in Madahalli, Malavalli Taluk has seen a sudden jump in admissions by 170 children from 22 previous years. These examples are just a tip of iceberg taken out of a study of 700 schools.

Thanks for the initiative of volunteers of All India forum for Right to Education, along with teachers, alumni of the schools and a few concerned citizens who joining together are striving hard to improve the intakes of the schools by chalking out several initiatives.

Makkala Mane has been set up in this schools where admissions are done for LKG/UKG. Minimum four teachers and care takers are being appointed. A well trained English teacher is also being appointed to the schools to teach primary school children. Even local graduates have been roped in the village to take classes for subjects in their free time. Computers, smart classes have been introduced, which has impressed many villagers.

Updating Committee has been constituted where lecturers, BEO, education department officials, parents, school heads will be inducted as committee members. After holding discussion with parents, teachers at the School Development and Monitoring Committee, plans will be chalked out to improve the strength. The funds are being raised by the government officials, alumni and concerned citizens. The Committee members in the schools will maintain the accounts about the materials being donated, and money spent for the welfare of the schools.

'Our efforts to improve the schools has yielded good reults. Infact we are sending back parents stating that the admission for LKG has crossed 80,” these were the general words when contacted few schools head masters.

KR Pet Government Model Higher Primary School Head Master Suresh said: Villagers from surrounding villages are thronging to our school seeking admission, with overwhelming response we have stopped the admissions. For LKG we have received 108 admissions and UKG 100 admissions. Already 423 students have been enrolled from 1st to 7th standard, and still some students are waiting for TC. Four teachers are being deputed and salary is being paid by the Committee.

Pandavapura Assistant Commissioner Dr HL Nagaraj said that the response for government schools has gone up in schools shortlisted by the forum. We are also concentrating on centenary schools such as Fresh Rocks Schools in Pandavapura and Higher Primary School at Lakshmi Sagar, Pandavapura, which has less strength.

KR Pet Block Education Officer ST Javaregowda said that Uniforms, books and all other facilities on the lines of private schools are being given to the children at free of cost. There is a drastic rise in strength of the schools, networked through Forum and the strength has come down in surrounding  private schools. 

Parents Anitha and Madappa from Malavalli who have enrolled their wards to the schools said: 'In a drastic way, lot of changes has took place in the school down the years. We have enrolled one kid for LKG from this year, and another for 3rd standard taking TC from a private school. Discipline, uniform and other facilities are been taken care.'

'We are raising funds at our risk from public only with the good intention to improve the school strength. Donors provide physical amenities to the children, including books, desks, and are taking initiative to construct toilets,' said Mutturaj, State Convenor of Forum.

--- box ---- 
What should be done:

As per the research carried out by the Forum, Citing Indiscipline and non availability proper amenities parents are reluctant to admit their wards for government schools and this is a major drawback. 

“Maximum support needed by government is not given. New buildings with sophisticated rooms should be constructed. Kitchen room, sports room, up gradation of play ground is needed. By improving infrastructure, facilities strength can be increased. If government provided sufficient support, we definitely enroll to the government school,” says Ramachandra concerned citizens.

Association member and lecturer Vasu said: 'We have shortlisted 2500 government schools in State to improve the strength by next year, of which already we have covered 700. By distributing leaflets we are conducting campaign. An average 12,000 old students are being brought under one plat form at KR Pet School, and an donation of more than Rs 7 lakh has been collected.'

How schools are selected:
Neglected schools particularly where people were frustrated with rudeness of private schools but still were interested to enroll wards for such schools were chosen. The people form a network and intimate about such schools.  Contact Mutturaj 7353770202.