Thursday, July 14, 2016

Working professional dedicate time to care stray dogs

    'We provide food and shelter, you provide love, show compassion for these pets,' say volunteers of People for Animal who are working in different professions, and have dedicate their precious time to care stray dogs, cats and ensure the pets are adopted by pet lovers.

There are instances where dogs and cats tied in a gunny bag thrown inside the compound. It's tragic how some animals that were cared for and was part of some families have now been abandoned and don't have a home anymore,' say volunteers.

Few of the active volunteers sharing their experience with Express, said: 'The pets need compassion and we request public to visit PFA and spend some time. With lack of awareness among pets, most of the people lag behind to adopt animals. They think already trained pets will not listen to their words, which is a wrong conception.  
Spending time with pets is the best thing to do after a stressful day to unwind with these furry friends and enjoy the love and affection they shower on you.' 

Arjun who runs travel portal says: 'Was very much scared of dogs from his childhood. After becoming volunteer of PFA, I have adopted a dog, which I love the most today. PFA is a temporary home for pets and we give assistance how to care for pets.'

Jayanth Kashyap, working as an Visual Designer in a software firm, Arcane Softwares, Mysore, says: 'I feel this as a chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around us. I volunteer for the social aspect to climb the social ladder while helping those less fortunate.'

Vishakha says: I first started volunteering for PFA in my second year of engineering. Since then it has been a great way of meeting like minded , passionate animal lovers. We work collaboratively to organise adoption drives and veterinary camps. There's always something fun to do. The friends I've made thanks to PFA , human and animal, are an irreplaceable part of life now.

Volunteer Vashist dog lover since their childhood say: ' Its been wonderful and satisfying experience to work for needy and stray animals. As I work in Bangalore now, I make a visit to PFA on weekends and volunteer in whatever way I can.'

People for Animals is a nationwide NGO. The PFA center is Mysore is functioning from last six years. Along with clinical services, the volunteers provide ambulance pickups for injured/sick animals and a strong adoption and rehabilitation service. 

Know about pets

Sunday Pet school will be held every month on every 3rd Sunday. People will be educated about Rabiies awareness, dog and cat grooming, animal birth control, common diseases, how to take care of old age dogs. Till date 814 puppies, 150 adult dogs and 106 kittens have been adopted through PFA, with an average of 20 adoption inquiries come in every month. 

* Abandoned, injured or blind dogs, dogs met with accidents, stray dogs will be sheltered at PFA.
* Four veterinary doctors are there to take care of pets
* Adoption of pets will be given
* Sunday Pet school to educate populace

List of animals in PFA
Dog - 72; Pups- 15; Cats & kittens - 30; Horses- 7; Calf - 2; Rabbits- 6; Guinea pigs- 9;
Kites- 20; Monkey- 9; Pigs- 2.

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