Friday, July 8, 2016

He is on a mission to spread world peace

M Chakravarthy is on a mission to spread world peace by by riding a cycle with white flags and displaying a board which reads: 'In this world.... All countries and religions people are our friends.... Lets have world Peace.'

A native of Tamil Nadu, he started his journey in 2012 from pedaling to Tamil Nadu to Bengaluru. He has visited several districts in Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in the last three years, and now planning to tour South India.

A Watchman by profession at Indira Nagar, he works for four to five months, and keep the earned money for his expenditure on the route. He says: 'As I use cycle, the expenditure cost is very less. I manage for food, breakfast with the earned money for four months. On the way some sponsors give some money, accommodation.'

'From my childhood have witnessed people quarreling for religion, property, caste, and several silly reasons. I visit schools, colleges and spread the message of love, peace to the young minds, which will surely help to step towards harmony. In the villages few people have stopped me and inquired about my reason of spread peace message. They realise the need of peace in life, and motivate me further,' he added. His wish to tour South India. 

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