Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rash driving claims hundreds of live on Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway

The Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway has turned into a death trap because of rash driving. An average every year 400 accidents are reported and more than 2000 people get injured.

As many as 1026 people lost their lives in road accidents on Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway between 2014 and June 2016 while more than 8000 people have been injured some critically during the same period.

It is estimated that on an average 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles pass over this stretch every day, and the figures goes upto more than 1 lakh during weekends. According to Mandya Police most of the tourists plan their weekend trip to Srirangapatna, Muthathi, and continue journey towards
Mysuru, Kodagu, Bandipur, Ooty, Kerala and other places.

Inspite of removal of road humps along the highway following several complaints that they were causing accidents, it has not been able to bring down the death rates. Even the moveable barricades that were put up at some places are themselves damaged when some speeding vehicles dash into them carelessly.

“Down the years the density of vehicles have increased enormously. Majority of the accidents are caused due to over speeding of vehicles. Some times negligence by local residents has also has also caused accidents. Though awareness programmes are held it is of no use. With shortage of staff it has not been possible to post a traffic police at several critical junctions, which is mandatory as per law,” said an Senior Police Officer, who didnt wished to be named.

Mandya SP Sudheer Kumar Reddy said: 'We are planning to introduce a new design of expandable barricades which helps to prevent accidents.
A preliminary meeting has been held in this regard with highway authorities and in the next meeting the design will be finalised, and same will be implemented in all State Highways.

Suggestions by localities
It is observed that majority of the accidents are happening because of absence of service roads on either side of the highway, lack of sign boards and when drivers make an abrupt turn or slow down their vehicles in order to avoid a pothole on the road. While some commercial establishments including choultries located along the highway don't have parking space, the visitor's vehicles are seen parked on road. This leads to congestion on the road leading to accidents, say localities.

K Narayan who commutes on Mysuru-Bengaluru road every alternate day says: 'Officials should educate villagers about accident prone areas. Most of the time villagers abruptly enter the main road without noticing the vehicles coming from the opposite direction or even cross the road all of a sudden. The resulting confusion ends in accident. At least road humps should be brought back at the entrance to the villages, where the road connects to the highway.'

Kodishetti Pura Village Head Marigwoda said: 'Most fatal incidents are never reported. Over speeding vehicles have to be booked on the spot, which will send a strong message to other drivers. Special drive has to be chalked out on the highways to avoid deaths on the stretch and ensure safe journey.'
“There are several instances when villagers stage a protest whenever death occurs but without any results. Some curves are very dangerous, and there is need to place speed breakers at such places. The number of Life Saving “Jeevan Raksha” centers on highways has to be increased which at present is located only at Srirangapatna and Maddur,” opines a retired school teacher Shashikumar.

'Moveable barricades have been placed along the road curves which is not prominently visible and hence goes unnoticed by most of the drivers. At a few places road medians have been removed by villagers which is dangerous. The proposed eight lane road make take a couple of years for completion. Until then, if humps in Thugunkere, kalenahalli, Sundali, Yellyur Cross, Enduvala, Kodishetti is brought back it will help to avoid accidents',
adds Prabhu, auto driver.

 Road Accidents reported in Mandya district
* 2014 - 408 killed - 2,200 injured
* 2015 - 410 killed - 2500 injured
* 2016 (till June) - 208 killed, injured 1,080.
* Roughly around 20 deaths have been reported this month.

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