Thursday, July 14, 2016

Now interact with students of other colleges

This educational network website deals with issue of students related to academics, job opportunities
The tough lessons they learnt as students has prompted these youngsters to launch an educational network website which deals with issues such as taught subjects with related which no proper interaction nor expert guidance and many such related issues. This interactive website is named

A group of six engineers have come together and have developed the website EdTouch, which helps students who want to prepare for competitive exams, job interviews and more importantly to clear the doubts they may have about the subjects being taught in the classrooms by chatting live online with students and lecturers of other colleges.

The site Ed touch (Edition for your Education) is built on an open source platform that helps students to study with confidence and develop a successful career. Guidance on both Academic and Career will be given to PU, Degree, Diploma and Engineering students can make use of the website.
The website brings together professionals with diverse backgrounds such as experienced professors and subject experts providing guidance and also at times career advice from HRs. Even the students can write online mock IBPS/KAS/IAS exams.

The unique feature of this website is that students of any college can chat with a student or lecturer of another college live (inter-college chatting), and get their academies doubts cleared instantly, know activities of other colleges and also share their views. By downloading the EdTouch app in their smart phones the students can engage in e-learning anytime, anywhere.
The team members are Prathap HR; Sathyaprasad HR; Kishore Babu BH; Phaneesh M; Naveena BS; and Swamynayaka S. They say, based on their own experiences and challenges they faced they have designed the website, where students will get answer for all questions.

Communication skills, spoken English classes will be conducted for job aspirants. H R blog is also in under construction where H R of several companies will post details of vacancies. Interested candidates can give interview through video calling which is enable on this web site only save the time.
'Students had faced problems to pose a question for a lecturer due to inferiority complex, and fear of lecturer or professors. That's when we thought of providing an opportunity to discuss with other college students and lecturers. Easily available of questions papers, and interviews through video calling software and appointing candidates. We have made all our thoughts / dreams come true,' add members.
R&D Head Prathap says: "

This website works has a bridge between job seekers and job providers through online. Ed touch is platform for students to utilize their skills knowledge and activities for their career and job providers also can get passionate and knowledgeable candidates for their requirement. With one touch of  Ed Touch HRs can able to connect with plenty of job seekers.

Technical Head and website designer Sathya says by downloading the EdTouch app in their smart phones the students can engage in e-learning anytime, anywhere. we have made a resource for all students to get into benefites of it.

Phaneesh says : What next is the common question for students, in transition concept we are helping the students by providing guidance and career related stuffs by this students can come out of that dilemma. EDTOUCH will be very beneficiary to the students as it is providing the simple and standard solutions and updates.

Choose where to enter
* Academia: Access unlimited academic stuffs across all discipline and get in touch with professors and your peers.
* Transition: be illuminated and know your opportunities.
* Career opportunities: Be advised and get into the work place that is meant for you.

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