Sunday, July 3, 2016

Breathtaking car collections pictures of sexagenarian

Are you a car lover. Then don't miss the opportunity to know the car generation at 'Motor Car and Art picture exhibition' at Kannada Karanji in Exhibition Grounds.The collections will be displayed for three months. 

R Muni Rao Mane, a retired first division clerk of KSRTC has exhibited breathtaking photo collections at the venue, providing rare inputs about cars.

Though he is suffering from arthritis, he has never set back from his hobbies. He has exhibited avid car pictures collected from last 13 years in separate categories with small note below the pictures, containing details of car model, manufactured year, and country.

Starting from the first car entered into India and Karnataka, he ends the expo with latest technology adopted in car. Motune (motor tune) musical instrument created out of spare parts of cars adds glitter to the expo.

He has displayed about 78 models of cars which contains information about the first racing car entered India 'Race', the first women who drive the car, list of cars owned by Kings of yesteryears, specially the Wodeyar family members; the manufacturers and collectors of cars, and several other informations are unveiled for car lovers at the place.

A small info on Mysore Motor car has been displayed. One can have the rare view of pics where first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Sri Jayachamarajanedra Wodear procedding in a procession on D Famles Car.
He developed keen interest in collection, only after he paid visit to Car Museum at Dharmasthala. He says majority of the pics displayed are collection of India Magazine, while others from various sources.

“The exhibition is awesome and incredible. Very rare photos of vehicles are being displayed. Its not only informative whereas educative too,” said a visitor Raghavendra.

Facts to Know  

First cars introduced by Benz and Diamler in 1885. The tubes placed inside the tyre was first in 1925. Rolls Royce which manufactured special designed cars in the yesteryear. Tlincorln Tephys four cars came to India, of which one car is housed at Dharmasthala Car museum.
“Mercedes is the daughter of Karl Benz (manufacturer of Benz car). A habitual races Emil J Lipk won the race competition naming the car as mercedes. Later the Benz was rechristened as Mercedes Benz.

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