Thursday, July 21, 2016

His mission is to teach people Yoga for Rural India

His mission in life is to teach people Yoga, a simple and effective way to keep themselves healthy. But not only to foreigners and city dwellers whereas also to those living in villages.

By launching webiste on International Yoga Day, he is reaching the masses in rural India and training people to practice yoga. He is more particular that women and children learn this great Indian knowledge of yore. This 42-year-old yoga expert Badari Narayan Iyengar a software engineer has a world record in performing Shirsasana (king of yoga postures).

While the whole world was busy celebrating International Yoga Day, he did it silently without any public glare by teaching people in villages about the benefits of yoga. He also uses this opportunity to spread the message of Swatch Bharat Mission telling villagers not to practice open defecation. Making use of power point presentation he is making them aware of the advancements in science and technologies and several such similar things.

The programmes were held at Gaynalli in KR Nagar Taluk and Government School in Kamalapura, Periyapatna Taluk. He is also taking the help of NGOs and SHGs to spread the knowledge of yoga.

'Yoga will help not only to co-exist but also grow along with nature. While in cities there are several yoga trainers and people are quite aware of it. Whereas the rural people lack knowledge of this. So, I decided to educate rural populace. I want to reach 365 villagers by next international yoga day,” adds, Badri who quit a job earning handsome salary just to spread yoga.

He has performed Shirsasana at more than 1000 places in and around South East Asia, including UNESCO Heritage Sites. He says: Shirsasana gives maximum benefit to all parts of the body, as the blood flows towards the brain, against the gravity. 'While performing at UNESCO sites many people approached me out of curiosity and extended invitation to visit their countries which in turn helped me to spread goodness of yoga, an ancient practice of India.'

Going down the memory lane he said: 'I was practicing yoga since my mychildhood. But it was only about 25 years ago I started to realize the immense health benefits of Yoga which can be made use of by the Corporate employees to over come their stress, hat's when I started teaching them yoga. My first yoga classes was conducted for corporate employees at Malaysia where I used to work for a leading software company.'

Bhadari, who is also a National Level boxer, has represented Sports Authority of India Federation Boxing Championship. His father late KR Srinivasan was an National body builder. He has to his credit Limca Book of World Records, India's book of records, Asia book of records, unique world records, Assist world records. He has been conferred with Honorary doctorate from World Record Society.


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