Sunday, July 3, 2016

Self Help Groups in Mysuru to be on digital map soon

Self Help Groups in Mysuru to be on digital map soon. All records of about 40,000 self help groups (SHGs) in district will be digitised in this financial year, that is March 2017.

Mysuru is the only district in State, selected among the 22 districts in country for the digitisation of SHGs. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) to start collecting details of SHGs soon. An MoU has been signed with the NGO's, and enumerators will be collecting details.

The enumerators will be split into about 40 groups to collect details of SHG members, financial status, gradings, and other details. Out of 40,000 odd SHGs, about 20 per cent are male self help groups.
The collected data will be uploaded in the dedicated website to be launched soon. The Banks can access savings, lending, financial status, internal loans, repayment percentage at a click of a button.

The digitalisation helps to bring transparency, by studying any group is over financed or under financed and maintain complete data about the SHGs. With Mysore has achieved 97 per cent in Aadhar seeding, it will be easy for the enumerators to update data linked with Aadhar Number.

Lead Bank Manager Shivalingaiah says the major advantage of digitisation is dual membership, multiple loans can be reduced to higher extent. “Presently members in more than three SHGs obtains loans by banks, micro groups. The multiple finance and dual membership has increased down the years, and with digitisation it can be bring down to higher extent.”

The initiative helps to improve the relationship between banks and SHG members. If they require any financial assistance, the bank people will study the status of SHGs and voluntarily call them and finance,” he added.

Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana will be promoted, which benefit women SHGs immensely, and improve their economic status by bringing them to the main stream of society, added another official.

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