Sunday, July 3, 2016

The cultural capital is slowly changing down the years

Gone are the days when Mysuru was showcased as 'pensioner’s paradise', a 'sleeping city'. The cultural capital has slowly but steadily changing down the years and no wonder Mysuru will become twin city of Bengaluru in couple of years.

With the city having already accepted the mall culture, most of the big showrooms and their branches have appeared in prominent places across the city. Night life has become alive down the years. Especially the students, IT/BT employees, and other blue collar workers who visit multiplex theatres set up in big malls watch late night shows screened after 10 pm.

As the Cabinet passes model law that malls, cinemas, shops and establishments can be opened for 24x7, it might generate more employment for people to work in Malls, and private taxi services. Quite a good number of girls, specially students who were going for part time job after college hours, will also have good scope to get employed for night shifts in malls.

CII Chairperson Dr N Muthukumar said: “The city is growing fast. This is the good time for investors. The land rates has not dropped in Mysuru, whereas in most cities the it has fallen. Whereas, connectivity is the biggest problem, as one has to travel five hours to reach Bengaluru Airport. Nice roads has to be connected to Hyderbad Road which helps lot and logistics problems can be addressed. With proposed International Airport to come up in a distance of 120 kms from Mysuru, we hope the scenario will change drastically.”

Suresh Kumar Jain, General Secretary Mysore Industries Association said: “Mysuru being a tier two city, is growing good. Though there is a global recession, new industries are coming in Mysuru. No lands are available for industrialists at Kadakola, Korgalli, Hebbal. Adakanahalli, and Kadakola second stage few lands are available. A German based company to invest Rs 100 crores in automotive, and Asian Paints are coming in big way. This are all good signs for the development of city, and creates good job opportunity, attracting youngsters even from neighbouring states.”

'Improved connectivity, good infrastructure, salubrious climate, and most big companies and corporates are evincing keen interest to invest in Mysuru or shift their bases permanently here. All major IT companies, such as Wipro, Infosys, Excel Soft and others have their presence here, while several other IT/BT companies have been well settled for the past decade. Many apartments and Vilas which are coming up are also being constructed keeping the interest of IT people', say Builders.

“The city is slowly transforming into another big city and might end has an another metropolis in the coming decade. The crowd is more during weekends as all restaurants, malls, hotels can be found crowded late in the night. With the decision of cabinet, even our duty in night increases,” says an senior Police officer.

55-year-old Auto Driver Ravikumar said: “The culture and lifestyle of Mysuru has surprisingly changed to a great extent. Earlier it was hard to find people after 8.30 pm. Now we see people even upto as late as 1.30 am. Cab culture is also becoming popular among citizens, indicating threat to our business.”

Maharani's College Student Rajeshwari who works for part time at beauty parlour said: 'The move of government will generate more employment for youngsters. With family problems its inevitable for me to work and will try job in any Malls, so that will have enough time to even concentrate on my studies and get better salary.'

What attracting investors
Apart from being a famous tourist spot, Mysuru is also an epicenter for Education with international students from all over the world enrolled in well-established schools and colleges. Lot of good education institutions have emerged down the years. This cleanest city familiar as a yoga hub, many foreign students from across the world are also coming to learn music, yoga. Doubling of track between Mysuru and Bengaluru; proposed six lane of road connectivity between Mysuru-Bengaluru has brought more enthusiasm among those who are waiting to shift from Bangalore.

* Night life has become active in sleeping city Mysuru
* The city is growing fast and is the good time for investors
* No lands available for Industrial sectors
* Lot of scope for entrepreneurs
* Citizens seek connection of Nice roads to Hyderbad Road

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