Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almirahs used to bifurcate the classes in this college

Here's yet another glaring example of government apathy. The Government First Grade Women's College at Vijaynagar appears like a godown lined with wardrobes and not a college. The classes for students of BA, B.Sc, B.Com and BBM are held under one roof like a nursery school, and there are no dividing walls between the classes. Instead the classes are bifurcated using almirahs !

The college which is situated right in the midst of a shopping complex was started in 2005-06, and has a strength of 472 students. Right from the day one the classes are being held amidst noise and distractions, caused due by the shopping complex below.

B.Com and BBM Students sit right in the corridor on the first floor just immediately after climbing the steps facing the blazing heat of the sun from outside. As there are no permanent walls separating the classrooms, classes held by teachers in one classroom can be heard by the students of the adjacent classes, which has made students difficult to concentrate on teachers lesson.

There are two rooms on the first floor. In one room Staff Room, Principal's Room, Computer Room, and even the Library have been accomodated, while in the other classes for BCom, BSC students along with laboratories for Physics and Chemistry are found.

All these are partitioned using only hundreds of almirahs. Even the bifurcated rooms are very small and due to lack of space, only some computers are provided for students and about 20 computers have been kept safely packed above these almirahs without opening.

'The college atmosphere is not conducive for studies and we get the feeling that we are coming to a shopping complex. We don’t have proper infrastructure like classrooms and sanitation. There are only two toilet room in the college,' the students said.

College Principal KS Lakshmana Gowda said,'Rs.1 core has been sanctioned for the construction of a new college near Vijayangar 3rd Stage in 2010, of which Rs 30 lakhs was paid to purchase the site. Due to lack of funds the works is at a snail's pace.'

Joint Directorate of Collegiate Education Prabhakara said that plans have been made to commence the classes in new college from next academic year. Students complain that for the past three years we are being promised of opening the college shortly, but of no use. Even lecturers expressed their helplessness in this regard.

800 year old temple falls out of the purview of archeology department

A 800-year old temple built by Hoysalas and located just on the outskirts of the Mysore city has ironically missed the attention of the Archaeology Department leading to the neglect of the historical monument. Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple at K Hemmanahalli which is a house for some of the rare sculptures, though renovated by private parties about 15 years ago is crying for more attention because of its significance.

The temple dating back to the Hoysala period (1188 AD) houses sculptures like Hoysala emblem, shivalinga and earthen pot which were used in those period. There is a stone inscription mentioning the year the temple was constructed and its history. Sculptures of various other Gods and Goddesses were also found during the excavation along with sculptures narrating the important incidents of the Hoysala periods. One sculpture depicts the Queen bidding farewell to the King by offering him puja, before he goes to battle field. and household articles unearthed when the temple was renovated during 1993-94.

According to villagers the temple is much older and believe that the Shivalinga here was worshiped by sage Bhagiratha, before it came under the rule of the Hoysalas, which later became the chief deity of the Hoysalas.

The reconstruction of the temple which was completely in ruins, was taken up in the year 1993, under the supervision of the Trustees of the Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple funded by Sri Dharamsthala Dharmadikeri Veerendra Heggade.

While renovating the temple, the authorities decided to further extend the temple's premises, and while digging the land they unearthed several antique sculptures and household utensils articles. All the discovered artifacts are exhibited in front of the temple, and are arranged very neatly.

Speaking to Express, temple Secretary, GN Anantha Vardhana said that 'When we approached the Muzrai department to renovate the temple. But they refused and asked us to take care of it on our own. It was then we formed a Trust named, 'Mahalingeshwara Seva Samithi' and took up the renovation work with the assistance of Dharmadikeri Veerendra Heggade.'
'There is a possibility that several more sculptures and stone engravings are buried underneath which can be uncovered if a proper excavation work is undertaken by the Government. The Devaraj Poornaiah Canal has also passed right beneath the temple,' he said and added retired Superintendent of Archeology SR Rao too had visited this place and confirmed that the stone sculptures belonged to a very ancient period.

When contacted Archaeology Department Director R Gopal acknowledged that the unearthed sculptures and households artifacts are indeed very old but was unaware of the existence of the temple. He added that he would be visiting this temple soon.

Maha Shivaratri celebrations in a unique way in this temple

In this 800-year-old Hoysala Period 'Sri Mahalingeshwara temple', situated at K Hemmanahalli, Bogadi Road, Shivaratri is celebrated in a unique way. To mark the day, Mass Suryanamaskar, Shiva thnadava Pranitha Yoga, Wrestling, staging of mythological drama will be held by rural children.

Temple Trustees of Mahalingeshwara Seva Samithi are organising this type of jathra mahotsava from past 18 years, to promote rural children. On the day, people from surrounding 40 villages take part in the event and watch mythological drama (Sri Krishna Mayaaloka_', wrestling and do Jagrane. The drama is staged by Kumarabeedu Villagers at 8 pm.

Another, interesting part of the temple is one can seen the face of Shiva on the 'Shivalinga' very clearly. It is learnt Sage Bhagiratha was worshiping Lord Shiva at this place. Apart this 24 hours (6 am to next day 6 am), Rudraabhisheka will be performed.

The temple priest Avadoota Chidambara Joshi, gives counseling, traditional medicine, and educate villagers about blind believes. For all the devotees archanas, pujas will be performed without any charges. The temples has exhibited rare sculptures which were excavated during renovation in 1993-94.

Speaking to Express, Temple Secretary Anantavardhana said that holistic development is needed in temple and hence there is no demand for money from the devotees in the temple. He said that apart from Shivaratri, in Karthika Masa, Ugadi, also special puja and various competition will be held to promote villagers and keep the rural activities alive.

Ease Irwin road traffic, request commuters

Irwin road which is famously known as commercial street is facing lot of traffic problem. On both the sides of this entire stretch hundreds of shops have been situated, and thousands of vehicles ply on this two-way road. But unfortunately there is no parking facility on this two-kilometer stretch.

The road is very narrow and heavy traffic jam is common during peak hours. It will be a challenging task for commuters to pass on this narrow stretch situated in the heart of the city. Most of the time people will be seen finding difficult to take even 'U' turn to the adjoining roads.

This narrow stretch which begins from Ayurveda Hospital Circle connects Railway Station on one side and on other City Central Post Office, Sub-urban Bus stand. Apart from this, people who enter city have to pass through this road in order to move towards Sayyaji Rao Road and Ashoka Road.

If this is the sorry state of traffic affairs, the other is parking problem. On this entire stretch one can witness 'No Parking' signboards everywhere. When contacted couple of shop owners on Irwin Road, they requested Police personnel to widen the road and provide parking facility. They also requested for road one-way.

'We are facing lot of hardship due to lack of parking facility. If any vehicles is parked in front of the shops for even two minutes, they will be fined. For name sake the road is commercial street, but we are not having good business
even in peak hours. When measures have been taken to provide parking place in so congested KT Street, why not here,' they questioned.

Speaking to Express, Traffic ACP Shankaregowda said that unless roads are widened its difficult to provide parking facility on this road. He said if the shop owners agree for road widening, then they proceed further.

vox populi...

'Heavy vehicles ply from both the side, many have met with accidents on this road. I request the officials to ease the
traffic problem.' - Vijay, shop owner.

'It has become a ever ending problem. I request the concerned officials to hold a meeting and solve our problem. We
are even ready for road widening.' - Prasanna, Sri Nandini Hotel Owner.

The day to express love to your beloved ones

Today is Valentine's Day, the best day to express your love to your beloved ones, through greeting cards, gifts, chocolates and roses. In the same, the sale of these items in the gift shops have picked up over the past couple of days.

Even though it's been common exchanging gifts, wearing red dresses, and celebrating the day, Valentine's Day still retains it's old charm year after to year. Youngsters were seen buzzing to gift shops and were busy in choosing the gifts for their dear ones.

Apart from gifts, varieties of colour roses are always in demand during Valentine Day. The prices of flowers which will be Rs 10 on Valentine Day the price of rose will go up and the flowers are sold for Rs 10 to Rs 20 per flower, depending on the bloom.

A flower vendor Ravi said that compared to last year this year he is having good business. The reason being that last year Valentine's Day had fallen on a Sunday ! He says, the demand for flowers is always more on New Year and Valentine's Day and specially during Valentine's Day they sell varieties of colours flowers. The most sold colour flowers are red, pink and yellow.

Different varieties of chocolates coming in different flavours, specially those shaped like 'heart', are in great demand. Shops selling small teddy bears, dolls, decorative gift articles are being visited by teenagers to buy a special gift for their loved ones.

Even in this era of message and internet most of them prefer to give greeting cards to their dear ones. In such, greeting cards with love symbol, black and white tiny cards, musical cards are in great demand. When cards are unfolded they play with a music 'I love u....' which drew the attention of lovers.

Most of the shops are displaying red colour 'love symbols' balloons, and dolls holding the symbol in front of the shop to attract customers. Even the interior shops have been decorated with cherry red colour in some of the shops.

Some shops are even offering special discounts on select gift items. Apart from this, hotels and ice cream parlours have introduced special items in the menu to celebrate the occasion.

Shalini (name changed), who is love with Raghav says, 'All the gift articles are beautiful. Every year new things can be seen at the gift shops. I am confused what to gift my boyfriend.

Interestingly, from past two years they are in love and they are celebrating the day every year and purchase gift items and cards in one shop at a time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ban on visitors littering plastic water bottles inside Zoo evokes good response

The idea chalked out by officials of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens to stop littering plastic water bottles inside Zoo premises has evoked good response. From past three-days about 2,300 bottles have been collected apart from plastic covers and other plastic containers.

Since the declare of Zoo as plastic free zone, the authorities are affixing a sticker on every plastic bottle by collecting a refundable deposit of Rs 10 at the entrance of the gate. After collecting the empty plastic bottles from the visitors, the amount Rs 10 will be returned to the visitors.

About three workers have been specially deputed near the entrance gate to screen the visitors snack pockets, and they affix a sticker on water bottle and remove the plastic covers of biscuits, mixtures and other snacks and pack the same with paper covers.

Apart from entrance, the stickers will be affixed at other three points where water / juice are purchases by visitors. The places are KSTDC Canteen, Near Kalyani Water Tank and near Chimpanzee Center.

The saddest part is, the visitors have to collect the refunded amount only at the entrance of gate. If a visitors empties the bottle at the earliest, he cant refund the amount in any other three centers. He has too carry the bottle all his way and return it near entrance gate only.

'The intention of officials is good. To make it more people-friendly, if the officials allow to dispose the bottle in all the other three centers it will be very helpful,' says Ghosal from Andhra Pradesh.

'Earlier, only sign boards were displayed, but there was no restriction. Due to this visitors used to dispose the plastic covers, bottles here and there. But now this idea has prevented 100 per cent littering of bottles in zoo premises,' says RFO Pramod Kumar.


Farmers take up cultivation of Sandalwood

Karnataka which is famous as 'Srigandhada Nadu' (Sandalwood State) is facing verge of Sandalwood extinction and is classified as one of the endangered plant species in India.

Hence, to meet the growing demands of the Sandalwood, Karnataka Soaps and Detergent Limited (KSDL) has launched the programme 'grow more sandalwood' and is encouraging farmers and entrepreneurs to take up cultivation of Sandalwood.

The major plantation company in Australia M/s TFS Ltd has already planted about 5,000 hectares of the Indian Sandalwood and is planning for about 2000 hectares in the Kemberly region of Western Australia.

Apart this, Several countries like China, Australia, Thailand, Costarica, Cambodia and Srilanka are also entering into Santalam Album plantation because of its fragrance characteristics coupled with huge demand for natural products worldwide.

In Mysore, the sale of sandalwood sapling has kicked-off and there is a tremendous increase in sale of sandalwood saplings. The seeds are available in two seasons, April to May and September to October. Well-developed healthy seedling of 6 to 8 months old is ideal for planting in the field.

There is a 'buy-back' arrangement for this programme, in which the KSDL signs an agreement with the planter and purchase the tree after 20 years. The price of the sandal wood will be fixed depending on the quality of the wood. The superiority of wood is usually judged based on colour, weight and from the portions of the tree from which it is taken (root, log, so on).

Meantime, Horticulture department is providing subsidy of 25 per cent for farmers who grow sandalwood in one acres of land. The cost for each sapling is Rs 12. This year KSDL in Mysore has obtained about orders for about 1.5 lakh saplings and last year about 60,000 saplings has been sold.

Speaking to Express, KSDL DGM VSVenkatesha Gowda said that 'Sandalwood plants are also widely distributed in the southern states like, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Preadesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam and Kerala.

He says, due to rampant smuggling, illegal trade of Sandalwood and decline in the area of cultivation present scenario of Sandalwood production in India may reach to 300 - 400 Mts per annum.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This student gives free consultation to companies

Meet this 24-year-old student who is equipped with tools, provides free consultations to companies to solve many of their problems. Hailing from Jamshedpur, Rajanikar Kumar is doing his Post graduation Diploma in Management SDM-IMD
College situated in Mysore. He suggests companies what is the equipment or machine best fitted according to their requirement, apart this he presents paper in the same to Industries. He says, his works can be converted into the software, where company will just have to mention the preference of its investment.

His two papers “Facility Location Selection Using the UTA method” published in IUPJOM and another paper on "Selection of Industrial Robots using Utility Additive method" published in the 24th AIMTDR conference, has received lot of applauds. The papers have been uploaded in website and if anyone wants to view the paper then it cost around Rs 50 and many of them have viewed his paper.

His paper is related to Multi-Criteria Decision Making methods. He says, “When I was doing Production Engineer in Jadavpur University, it was compulsory to do projects and if possible convert it into national/international papers.
It was a difficult and challenging task for an undergraduate to present papers. But later when my papers were accepted, I was very happy and started giving consultants for industries.”

He is presently working on papers – Application of Game Theory in various fields and Ethical Investment, which are very new topics for India. He says, 'In foreign countries the game theory is famous where as not same with India. By using game theory many of the serious problems can be solved and it works as a tool to make strategic decision. I want to educate both public and industrialist about game theory.'

'Ethics has become a big issue in the companies. Most of us talk theoretically about ethics but its need of the hour to convert ethics into moral values. So I am working on ethical investment. This will be very much helpful for people to know where and whom to invest their money, and meantime how companies should practice the ethics,' he added.

Accompanied with his friend Syed Mammon Hasan, Rajanikar has took part in many Business Plan held at IIFM Bhopal, Amrita University in Coimbatore, Nirma University (Gujarat) and has bagged appreciations. He says in future he wants to work has a manager to gain the experience and later wants to become an entrepreneur.

He says if a business management student has engineering background the student can create wonders with the knowledge of both subjects. So far, he has not taken any remuneration for his works, apart from gaining Rs 50 for the articles viewed by persons.

About his works

“The companies take consultation for expensive investments like purchasing Robots, CNC Lathes etc. or investing in facility layout. Decisions related to such investment are important for companies. In one my industrial project in TRF Ltd. - I reduced the manufacturing time of pulley by proposing the alternate layout for the pulley section of the company. We proposed the cellular layout for the pulley section and suggested the alternative layout for pulley section. This reduces the the distance materials required to move during the manufacturing process. the work was well accepted and appreciated by the company,” says Rajanikar.
For details contact him on 8884995860.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

She is silently educating the illiterates in her village

Hear is a woman hailing from a village, striving hard to educate the illiterates residing there, and also to make them aware about the various aspects of environment.
KP Arunakumari is the lone woman who has been rendering this relentless service in Mandya District.

Hailing from Kargodu village, Mandya, she has undertaken several developmental works and has been relentlessly educating people belonging to backward communities, including SC/STs, residing at Hulivan, H Kodanahalli Farm and Bidarkatte villages.

Being Elected President of Kargodu Grama Sneha Yuvathi Sangha, she has conducted several awareness programmes on literacy, youth welfare, protecting environment and healthy living.

Surveying 32 villages falling under five Gram Panchayats, she identified around 2000 illiterate people, and brought them together and made them to read and write, all within a span of six months, under Government of India National Mission Committee 2008.

On the occasion of World Cultural Day, she organises various cultural programmes and competitions in the village. Under 'Akshara Krushi' programme she has imparted education for hundreds of SC/ST women while at the same time teaching them about maintaining health, self employment, planting saplings, awareness programme on Malaria, HIV/AIDS, leprosy and various other issues.

While creating awareness among villagers about the importance of environment and its protection, she also teaches them how to conserve flora and fauna found around. Her training also includes rain water harvesting. She also conducts workshops and seminars on these issues.

For her all-round service for the backward people involving cultural, sports and development activities, she has been bestowed with several awards. She was awarded, 'Swami Vivekananda State Youth Award' for the year 2008-09, which was presented to her on February 3 at Chitradurga by former Minister Goolihatti D Shekar. She is a recipient of Sakshar Bharath Award twice while the Mandya District Lok Shikshana Samithi has honoured her with 'Sakshratha Award'.

She has completed her BSC, BEd, COPA. Her Husband M Yogesh, a youth organizer is also a recipient of State Youth Award. Both husband and wife couple are involved in social service, are are striving to educate the illiterates amongst them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Street vendors strive hard for livelihood

To provide free vehicular movement, recently, city's traffic police completely banned parking on Krishna Vilas Road at Thindi Beedhi, with the result the road-side vendors are losing business.

Though alternate parking has been provided in the vacant place in front of the Nallapattanna Police Station, many are not aware of this parking place and they just simply drive away.

They start parking their mobile canteens from 3 pm and sell hot instant foods, preparing freshly on the spot and continue their business till 11 pm. The vendors were once having a roaring business in this small stretch of road, are now striving hard for livelihood.

If people visiting this place park their two and four wheelers on one side of the road, opposite to the food selling push-carts. There is no chance for them to escape from the mouth of 'Tiger' (tow vehicles).

Expressing their helplessness to Express, Kumar who sells Chinese item said that 'earlier most of the people used to visit this place and have snacks. But now gradually the number has been decreased due to afraid of 'Tiger'.

'Officials have placed 'No parking' sign board. If any vehicles park their vehicles they will be fined and four wheelers will be locked using wheel clamp. Hence, most of the people scared of 'Tiger', have stopped visiting the place,' he says.

Another street vendor Rajeev, opines that a traffic police Inspector has been exclusively deputed to monitor the vehicles which parked on this road.

Food vendors are requesting to restore the vehicular parking once again assuring if the vehicles are parked orderly it would not cause any traffic jam to other vehicles. Will the concerned authorities take a favourable decision in this regard considering their plea.

DDPI office to be converted into Transmit Home

The office of the Deputy Director of Public Instruction(DDPI) situated at Bannimantap will be converted into 'Chinnara Thangudhama' (Transmit Home) by next week, where challenging children will be provided shelter.

To provide shelter for deprived children under Sarva Shikshana Abhiyan, the Dept. of Education has launched this pioneer project, 'Chinnara Thangudhama', a Transit Home along with Residential School. Already Rs 15,20,000 has been sanctioned by the government for this project and a MoU has been signed with NGO Don Boscoe.

The Department with the assistance of the NGO has already identified 1,074 children in the age group of 4 to 14 years of which 853 are boys and 221 girls from 47 different backgrounds like children of Beedi workers, beggars, book binders, bullock cart drivers, bus cleaners, butchers, carpenters, maid servants, agarbathi workers, garage shop workers, rag pickers, street children and those found working with parents, orphans and various other categories. In 1,074, about 784 children were working as sales boy and girls (241), coolie (151), street children 147, others 143, helper (85) and Mechanics (27).

Speaking to Express, Puushottam, Deputy Project Co-ordinator for Samanvaya Yojana, said that around 50 children will be housed at Transmit House while another 100 children will be housed at the Residential School.

"Every six months the children at transmit house will be moved out and admitted to nearby schools, seeking permission of their parents, if they are alive. The remaining children will be provided shelter and schooling facility at different schools with the help of NGOs", added Purushotham.


Hardship to officers

The normal practice is officers and staff work in the same buidling. But the present situation in the DDPIs office is different.

The DDPI Office which is functioning at Bannimantap is functioning since January 18 at the Joint Director of Collegiate Education on JLB road (behind The New Indian Express Office).

As only the DDPI's offices has been shifted, the junior officers of the DDPI have to come all the way from Bannimatap to JLB Road, to get signature of the DDPI for relevant files or to discuss any official matters.

Speaking to Express DDPI BK Basavaraju said that he will discuss the matter with JDA and make arrangements to construct additional rooms in the same premises after obtaining due permission.

PHRII to identify women afflicted with HIV / AIDS

Public Health Research Institute of India (PHRII) a non-profit charitable Trust involved in community service for the past six years, is providing free and quality healthcare services for women and adolescent girls in reproductive health care, cancer screening, family planning, and HIV prevention in Mysore district.

Presently the organisation is involved in community based project called 'Saving Children Improving Life' (SCIL), and is conducting a survey in 10 Panchayats to identify women with HIV / AIDS.

In ten panchyat about 85 rural villages, five panchayat towards HD Kote side and remaining 5 Panchayat towards T Narsipura side in Mysore district. Till today, the organization has covered four panchayat and have seen 329 pregnant women from these panchayat.

Earlier, the organisation has completed surveying 144 rural villages in Mysore District and has identified 12 women afflicted with HIV. Speaking to Express, PHRII Administrator Poornima Jaykirshna said 'the motto of PHRII is to identify women afflicted with HIV and take steps to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child.'

'On the first day we identify the place and setup a camp; on the second day we create awareness among women about HIV/AIDS and on the third day the medical check-up will be held. After identifying women who are tested positive, they will be refereed to other organisations like Samartha, DAPCO for providing free medical treatment,' she added.

Apart this, providing Health education, nutritional support, prevention and treatment of anemia, highlighting importance of breast feeding, preventing infections during child birth and various other counseling will be provided to women, says Poornima.

Training for Physicians

PHRII in collaboration with Prevention International No Cervical Cancer (PINCC), NGO based in California, is providing training to Physicians and Registered Nurses on how to screen people for cervical cancer using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA), a low cast technique widely used for detecting early stages of cervical cancer.

Apart from this, doctors are trained to treat abnormal wounds using cryo-therapy and Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP), in which abnormal tissues are cut using a thin wire loop carrying an electric current.

Till January 2012, PHRII and PINCC have trained eight Indian physicians and nurses and have screened more than 900 women, among them 20 were treated with cryo-therapy and 10 with LEEP procedure and 20 were referred to cervical cancer treatment, said Poornima.


PHRII is equipped with a complete in-house laboratory with microbiological and PCR equipments for the diagnosis of STI/HIV along with two mobile diagnostic clinics. The institute established in 2007, is situated at Yadavagiri.

PHRII in collaboration with communities and the National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) takes up implementation of projects and rural health programmes. PHRII has more than 25 full-time employees including physicians, nurses, laboratory personnel, health counselors and community outreach workers.