Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almirahs used to bifurcate the classes in this college

Here's yet another glaring example of government apathy. The Government First Grade Women's College at Vijaynagar appears like a godown lined with wardrobes and not a college. The classes for students of BA, B.Sc, B.Com and BBM are held under one roof like a nursery school, and there are no dividing walls between the classes. Instead the classes are bifurcated using almirahs !

The college which is situated right in the midst of a shopping complex was started in 2005-06, and has a strength of 472 students. Right from the day one the classes are being held amidst noise and distractions, caused due by the shopping complex below.

B.Com and BBM Students sit right in the corridor on the first floor just immediately after climbing the steps facing the blazing heat of the sun from outside. As there are no permanent walls separating the classrooms, classes held by teachers in one classroom can be heard by the students of the adjacent classes, which has made students difficult to concentrate on teachers lesson.

There are two rooms on the first floor. In one room Staff Room, Principal's Room, Computer Room, and even the Library have been accomodated, while in the other classes for BCom, BSC students along with laboratories for Physics and Chemistry are found.

All these are partitioned using only hundreds of almirahs. Even the bifurcated rooms are very small and due to lack of space, only some computers are provided for students and about 20 computers have been kept safely packed above these almirahs without opening.

'The college atmosphere is not conducive for studies and we get the feeling that we are coming to a shopping complex. We don’t have proper infrastructure like classrooms and sanitation. There are only two toilet room in the college,' the students said.

College Principal KS Lakshmana Gowda said,'Rs.1 core has been sanctioned for the construction of a new college near Vijayangar 3rd Stage in 2010, of which Rs 30 lakhs was paid to purchase the site. Due to lack of funds the works is at a snail's pace.'

Joint Directorate of Collegiate Education Prabhakara said that plans have been made to commence the classes in new college from next academic year. Students complain that for the past three years we are being promised of opening the college shortly, but of no use. Even lecturers expressed their helplessness in this regard.

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