Sunday, February 26, 2012

The day to express love to your beloved ones

Today is Valentine's Day, the best day to express your love to your beloved ones, through greeting cards, gifts, chocolates and roses. In the same, the sale of these items in the gift shops have picked up over the past couple of days.

Even though it's been common exchanging gifts, wearing red dresses, and celebrating the day, Valentine's Day still retains it's old charm year after to year. Youngsters were seen buzzing to gift shops and were busy in choosing the gifts for their dear ones.

Apart from gifts, varieties of colour roses are always in demand during Valentine Day. The prices of flowers which will be Rs 10 on Valentine Day the price of rose will go up and the flowers are sold for Rs 10 to Rs 20 per flower, depending on the bloom.

A flower vendor Ravi said that compared to last year this year he is having good business. The reason being that last year Valentine's Day had fallen on a Sunday ! He says, the demand for flowers is always more on New Year and Valentine's Day and specially during Valentine's Day they sell varieties of colours flowers. The most sold colour flowers are red, pink and yellow.

Different varieties of chocolates coming in different flavours, specially those shaped like 'heart', are in great demand. Shops selling small teddy bears, dolls, decorative gift articles are being visited by teenagers to buy a special gift for their loved ones.

Even in this era of message and internet most of them prefer to give greeting cards to their dear ones. In such, greeting cards with love symbol, black and white tiny cards, musical cards are in great demand. When cards are unfolded they play with a music 'I love u....' which drew the attention of lovers.

Most of the shops are displaying red colour 'love symbols' balloons, and dolls holding the symbol in front of the shop to attract customers. Even the interior shops have been decorated with cherry red colour in some of the shops.

Some shops are even offering special discounts on select gift items. Apart from this, hotels and ice cream parlours have introduced special items in the menu to celebrate the occasion.

Shalini (name changed), who is love with Raghav says, 'All the gift articles are beautiful. Every year new things can be seen at the gift shops. I am confused what to gift my boyfriend.

Interestingly, from past two years they are in love and they are celebrating the day every year and purchase gift items and cards in one shop at a time.

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