Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This student gives free consultation to companies

Meet this 24-year-old student who is equipped with tools, provides free consultations to companies to solve many of their problems. Hailing from Jamshedpur, Rajanikar Kumar is doing his Post graduation Diploma in Management SDM-IMD
College situated in Mysore. He suggests companies what is the equipment or machine best fitted according to their requirement, apart this he presents paper in the same to Industries. He says, his works can be converted into the software, where company will just have to mention the preference of its investment.

His two papers “Facility Location Selection Using the UTA method” published in IUPJOM and another paper on "Selection of Industrial Robots using Utility Additive method" published in the 24th AIMTDR conference, has received lot of applauds. The papers have been uploaded in website and if anyone wants to view the paper then it cost around Rs 50 and many of them have viewed his paper.

His paper is related to Multi-Criteria Decision Making methods. He says, “When I was doing Production Engineer in Jadavpur University, it was compulsory to do projects and if possible convert it into national/international papers.
It was a difficult and challenging task for an undergraduate to present papers. But later when my papers were accepted, I was very happy and started giving consultants for industries.”

He is presently working on papers – Application of Game Theory in various fields and Ethical Investment, which are very new topics for India. He says, 'In foreign countries the game theory is famous where as not same with India. By using game theory many of the serious problems can be solved and it works as a tool to make strategic decision. I want to educate both public and industrialist about game theory.'

'Ethics has become a big issue in the companies. Most of us talk theoretically about ethics but its need of the hour to convert ethics into moral values. So I am working on ethical investment. This will be very much helpful for people to know where and whom to invest their money, and meantime how companies should practice the ethics,' he added.

Accompanied with his friend Syed Mammon Hasan, Rajanikar has took part in many Business Plan held at IIFM Bhopal, Amrita University in Coimbatore, Nirma University (Gujarat) and has bagged appreciations. He says in future he wants to work has a manager to gain the experience and later wants to become an entrepreneur.

He says if a business management student has engineering background the student can create wonders with the knowledge of both subjects. So far, he has not taken any remuneration for his works, apart from gaining Rs 50 for the articles viewed by persons.

About his works

“The companies take consultation for expensive investments like purchasing Robots, CNC Lathes etc. or investing in facility layout. Decisions related to such investment are important for companies. In one my industrial project in TRF Ltd. - I reduced the manufacturing time of pulley by proposing the alternate layout for the pulley section of the company. We proposed the cellular layout for the pulley section and suggested the alternative layout for pulley section. This reduces the the distance materials required to move during the manufacturing process. the work was well accepted and appreciated by the company,” says Rajanikar.
For details contact him on 8884995860.

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