Friday, February 17, 2012

Ban on visitors littering plastic water bottles inside Zoo evokes good response

The idea chalked out by officials of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens to stop littering plastic water bottles inside Zoo premises has evoked good response. From past three-days about 2,300 bottles have been collected apart from plastic covers and other plastic containers.

Since the declare of Zoo as plastic free zone, the authorities are affixing a sticker on every plastic bottle by collecting a refundable deposit of Rs 10 at the entrance of the gate. After collecting the empty plastic bottles from the visitors, the amount Rs 10 will be returned to the visitors.

About three workers have been specially deputed near the entrance gate to screen the visitors snack pockets, and they affix a sticker on water bottle and remove the plastic covers of biscuits, mixtures and other snacks and pack the same with paper covers.

Apart from entrance, the stickers will be affixed at other three points where water / juice are purchases by visitors. The places are KSTDC Canteen, Near Kalyani Water Tank and near Chimpanzee Center.

The saddest part is, the visitors have to collect the refunded amount only at the entrance of gate. If a visitors empties the bottle at the earliest, he cant refund the amount in any other three centers. He has too carry the bottle all his way and return it near entrance gate only.

'The intention of officials is good. To make it more people-friendly, if the officials allow to dispose the bottle in all the other three centers it will be very helpful,' says Ghosal from Andhra Pradesh.

'Earlier, only sign boards were displayed, but there was no restriction. Due to this visitors used to dispose the plastic covers, bottles here and there. But now this idea has prevented 100 per cent littering of bottles in zoo premises,' says RFO Pramod Kumar.


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