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800 year old temple falls out of the purview of archeology department

A 800-year old temple built by Hoysalas and located just on the outskirts of the Mysore city has ironically missed the attention of the Archaeology Department leading to the neglect of the historical monument. Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple at K Hemmanahalli which is a house for some of the rare sculptures, though renovated by private parties about 15 years ago is crying for more attention because of its significance.

The temple dating back to the Hoysala period (1188 AD) houses sculptures like Hoysala emblem, shivalinga and earthen pot which were used in those period. There is a stone inscription mentioning the year the temple was constructed and its history. Sculptures of various other Gods and Goddesses were also found during the excavation along with sculptures narrating the important incidents of the Hoysala periods. One sculpture depicts the Queen bidding farewell to the King by offering him puja, before he goes to battle field. and household articles unearthed when the temple was renovated during 1993-94.

According to villagers the temple is much older and believe that the Shivalinga here was worshiped by sage Bhagiratha, before it came under the rule of the Hoysalas, which later became the chief deity of the Hoysalas.

The reconstruction of the temple which was completely in ruins, was taken up in the year 1993, under the supervision of the Trustees of the Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple funded by Sri Dharamsthala Dharmadikeri Veerendra Heggade.

While renovating the temple, the authorities decided to further extend the temple's premises, and while digging the land they unearthed several antique sculptures and household utensils articles. All the discovered artifacts are exhibited in front of the temple, and are arranged very neatly.

Speaking to Express, temple Secretary, GN Anantha Vardhana said that 'When we approached the Muzrai department to renovate the temple. But they refused and asked us to take care of it on our own. It was then we formed a Trust named, 'Mahalingeshwara Seva Samithi' and took up the renovation work with the assistance of Dharmadikeri Veerendra Heggade.'
'There is a possibility that several more sculptures and stone engravings are buried underneath which can be uncovered if a proper excavation work is undertaken by the Government. The Devaraj Poornaiah Canal has also passed right beneath the temple,' he said and added retired Superintendent of Archeology SR Rao too had visited this place and confirmed that the stone sculptures belonged to a very ancient period.

When contacted Archaeology Department Director R Gopal acknowledged that the unearthed sculptures and households artifacts are indeed very old but was unaware of the existence of the temple. He added that he would be visiting this temple soon.

Maha Shivaratri celebrations in a unique way in this temple

In this 800-year-old Hoysala Period 'Sri Mahalingeshwara temple', situated at K Hemmanahalli, Bogadi Road, Shivaratri is celebrated in a unique way. To mark the day, Mass Suryanamaskar, Shiva thnadava Pranitha Yoga, Wrestling, staging of mythological drama will be held by rural children.

Temple Trustees of Mahalingeshwara Seva Samithi are organising this type of jathra mahotsava from past 18 years, to promote rural children. On the day, people from surrounding 40 villages take part in the event and watch mythological drama (Sri Krishna Mayaaloka_', wrestling and do Jagrane. The drama is staged by Kumarabeedu Villagers at 8 pm.

Another, interesting part of the temple is one can seen the face of Shiva on the 'Shivalinga' very clearly. It is learnt Sage Bhagiratha was worshiping Lord Shiva at this place. Apart this 24 hours (6 am to next day 6 am), Rudraabhisheka will be performed.

The temple priest Avadoota Chidambara Joshi, gives counseling, traditional medicine, and educate villagers about blind believes. For all the devotees archanas, pujas will be performed without any charges. The temples has exhibited rare sculptures which were excavated during renovation in 1993-94.

Speaking to Express, Temple Secretary Anantavardhana said that holistic development is needed in temple and hence there is no demand for money from the devotees in the temple. He said that apart from Shivaratri, in Karthika Masa, Ugadi, also special puja and various competition will be held to promote villagers and keep the rural activities alive.

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