Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vigilance Committee has remained just a paper tiger

Kavalu Samithi known as Vigilance Committee, set up nearly one and half year ago has remained just a paper tiger. The committee which was supposed to monitor and keep a watch on women and children in villages especially in cases related to human trafficking, sexually harassment, missing children, begging, school dropouts and provide them appropriate protection and rehabilitation, seems to have failed in its objectives. 

With the recent busting of a gang in Mysuru involved in child trafficking, NGOs in Mysuru are demanding Government to ensure effective functioning of Vigilance Committee, and avoid such incidents happening in future. Blaming the Committee's inaction for increase in the number of cases of missing children and human trafficking, they say if the Committee was functioning effectively instances of about nearly 600 children who have gone missing from Mysuru in last couple of years could have been avoided.  

According to them, the Committee has to work in close co-ordination seeking the help of interested stake holders, NGOs, SHGs, elected representatives, youth clubs and even common people so they can strictly monitor any developments in villages related to women and children. Anganwadi workers who are appointed as Supervisors for the committee should be alert round the clock and save innocent children abducted into human trafficking. 

Speaking to Express, founder of Odanadi Organisation, Parashu said  : 'No meetings has been held by the Committee and no one is ready to take responsibility. There are no exact figures of number of school dropouts, of those migrated, begging children and child marriages being happening. Poor women who don't have social protection become easy victims. A special drive should be undertaken to protect and educate ignorant pregnant women who can be easily targeted and lured to sell their children.'
In addition to this, there is also a need of creating a civic sense among the masses. If any child is found begging on the streets, the citizens should immediately call up either the NGOs or Juvenile Home and ensure that the child is handed over to the concerned welfare Dept of the Government. Such children are mostly sighted near traffic circles,  he added. 

PP Baburaj, former member of Juvenile Justice Board said that 'Zilla Panchayat CEO should be held responsible as he has to monitor and ensure that every Gram Panchayat has a committee. Information of every child has to be protected by the anti-child and women trafficking committee. On the lines of Child Task Force in Davangere there is need for the effective functioning of the Committee. Its sad that no officers are bothered about the protection of children while showing false works on papers.'  

'Instances of trafficking of women and children is on the rise and everyone has to be vigilant and observe suspicious activities of people in the villages. If a family migrates to other districts, the committee has to bring to the notice of the committee in the respective district, thus protecting the interest of the children. But no such works are being done. By strict vigilance officials can keep an track on every child, and ensure no children goes missing', opines Sandha, child activist.  

Women and Child Welfare Deputy Director K Radha said that after the child trafficking incident in Nanjangud, several programmes are being organised by the department to protect children. 'Vigilance Committee supervisors have been asked to report about the meetings held and to be active. Thotilu Programme has been launched to create awareness among public to drop children in the cradle and severe punishments against those engaged in human trafficking. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Soon Nandini products and meat will be deliver at your door steps

Government to increase milk production by 1 crore liter, and distribute milk to school and Anganwadi children five days a week under Ksheera Bhagya.

The government is contemplating to start home deliver of Nandini products and meat. If everything goes as per the plan, people can get delivery at their door steps by easily placing orders by downloading a app in their smart phones or even over phone call.

The government thinks adoption of latest technologies and home delivery will further boost the sale of nandini products, from which more number of farmers will be benefited and helps to improve their economic conditions.

Informing this to media persons here on Tuesday, Animal Husbandary Minister A Manju opined that adoption consumer friendly initiatives helps to increase the sales of Nandini products in State.
'We are planning to increase the milk production from present 70 lakh liters to 1 crore by 2018, and distribution of milk to school and Anganwadi children for five days under the prestigious Ksheera Bhagya programme. This will tremendously help the farmers, and motivates farmers in large to engage in dairy farming', he opined.

'The milk production in State in 2012-13 was about 35 lakh per liter, after introduce of the Ksheera Bhagya programme it has reached 70 lakh liters and there is good response from farming community. In future Rs 4 incentive to dairy farmers will be deposited to their respective account once linked with Aaadhar', he added. He further gave a call for people not to purchase other brands milk, instead to purchase Nandini products and protect interests of farmers.

Goat milk sale will be boosted in market and meat will be procured scientifically and branded. Already government has sanctioned Rs 27 crore sanction for a slaughter house and processing unit in Shirshi and the works will finish in a month. Local famous breeds name will be named for the products, he added.

Stating there is a severe shortage of meat and thus farmers will be encouraged large in sheep farming, he said an average consumption of meat per person every year is 11.5 kg, whereas now only 2.2 kg requirements are met. To ensure both meat and milk easily accessible to the public, on the lines of Cooperative Milk Unions soon a meat processing and sale units will be set up, he added.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

This girl has made a remarkable achievement in Yoga

H Kushi, a 13 year old lass and a 8th standard student of St Joseph's Central School here at Vijayanagar, has made a remarkable achievement in Yoga raising the eyebrows of several yoga veterans and exponents.

She not only performs complex yogic asanas with ease, but has also mastered the latest solo artistic yoga and rhythemic yoga. She has already competed in the Pair Rhythmic yoga and Pair Artistic yoga events at such tender age. The perfection and grace with which she performs Yogasanas on stage, specially the Rhythmic Yoga (performing yogasanas along with dance) keeps the onlookers spellbound.
Her goal is to represent India in Yoga competitions at international sports meets such as Asian Games and at the Olympics, though Yoga has still not been officially inducted in these games, and win many medals as possible. After that she wants to be a yoga teacher.

She took to practicing Yoga when she developed breathing problems as a child. With regular practice over the past three and half years, she became so adept in performing yogasanas, that she began participating in several yoga competitions and win prizes at State, National and International levels. Kushi who is equally good academics dedicates three hours daily to practice yoga, and she has now over come her breathing problem too.

She claims she is topper in Yoga from Karnataka representing the age group of 11-14 years and also represents India in that group. She will be representing Karnataka in the National level yoga competitions going to be held at Ranchi from November 12-16.
“I joined to yoga to get cure my breathing problem, but now I am enjoying taking part in competitions, but gives me more pleasure is representing India at International sports events. I want to take part in Olympics and win gold for India. I know its not a easy go, but will dedicate myself to reach the goal. Moreover, the beauty of learning yoga is unexplainable. I have developed concentration, control on mind and body, and a good health,” she adds.

Yoga teacher Dr PN Ganeshkumar, of Vivekananda yoga and research institute said that 'Kushi is very sportive and can perform asanas with ease. With now yoga being considered as a sport, I am sure she wins in olympics and brings laurels to our country.'
She has won a Bronze medal at the International yoga competition held at China in 2014; two gold and two silver medals at the 6th Asian yoga championship events. Quite recently she participated in first south zone yoga competition held at Udupi between October 14-16 where she bagged three gold medals. Kushi has to her credit more than 35 gold medals, 20 silver medals. Her parents S Hemachandra and Kumuda expressed happiness over her daughter's achievement.

About Yoga forms 
'Artistic yoga' and 'rhythmic yoga' are new forms of yoga and there is good demand to learn them among yougsters with yoga given status of sports.
Wearing attractive dress, with background music, asanas are performed in form of dance and movements and style draws attention of onlookers. Select Asanas, postures and expressions with aesthetic beauty will be given prominence.There are hardly countable centres in the city where presently rhythmic and artistic yoga are being taught.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stressed fire fighters work sans leave, weekly-oofs

 The fire fighting personnel risk their lives at stake in order to save others. Whereas they are encountering several problems and are working in stress due to severe shortage of staff.

The fire fighting personnel in Mysuru are working more than 18 hours at a stretch due to dearth of staff and are even working on their weekly offs. Because of poor working conditions and the negligence shown by the Government they are depressed and demoralised.

Fire station has short of 45 personnel and it has become challenging for staff to handle and bear the work pressure. The improper leave structure and the severe shortage in staff has led to work beyond time stipulations for the existing staff. This apart, with non recruitment of D group employees, the drivers, fireman have to clean the toilets, and rush during emergency.

Speaking to Express in anonymity, fire fighting personnel said that they are not getting leave and not even weekly offs. 'With only two fireman drivers it has become hard to maintain six vehicles in the department round the clock. We are not able to spend quality time with family and we are reeling under stress. Since 2008, the posts are not filled, and with retirements of staffs the work pressure are increasing day by day.

There are eight posts vacant out of sanctioned 12 posts for fireman drivers; 31 fireman posts are vacant out of 37; and Six post of leading fire man is vacant, out of sanctioned 9. Among the existing four drivers one is permanent driver for Regional Fire Officer, and another driver is working at Nanjangud Division. The remaining two drivers and six fireman are working over time and are attending an average of around 500 calls every year, apart from about 30-40 emergency calls to rescue animals.

Mysuru being CM's home town, any VIP movement, famous jatras they have to be in the place. During farmers protest at Cauvery basin the fire fighting personnel had a tough time to handle the situation with shortage of staff. This apart, people also call fire fighting personnel for rescue of animals/ birds caught on electric poles, fallen in trench, gorge, etc.

Divisional Fire Officer KP Gururaj said that following cauvery agitation, dasara leaves were not granted, adding within six months 70 posts will be filled in the Mysuru division.  

Enjoy spectacular 3d mapping on Mysuru Palace

Image result for 3d mapping on town hallFor firs time 3D mapping was introduced in Mysuru during Dasara over the heritage Town Hall building. With overwhelming response for the event, the tourists association are now eying on screening the 3D mapping on Amba Vilas (Mysuru Palace). If everything goes as per the plan before next dasara the 3D mapping will be screened on historical Mysuru Palace.

Amba Vilas is one of the major attraction for tourists who visit South India and are very curious to know about the royal family, Wodeyars history. With introduce of 3D Mapping tourism in Mysore can be boosted further its learnt.

Image result for 3d mapping on town hall
The story of Mysore Kingdom, rich heritage and culture of Mysuru, contribution of wadiyars for the development sectors and related significant story, including world famous dasara and sight seeing in district will be projected in the 3d mapping (video mapping). The existing script of Sound and Light show will be modified and will be projected attractively. Narration of the story will be done in Kannada and English version in beginning.

Image result for 3d mapping on town hallAccording to travel agents 3D mapping will draw huge crowd, than the famous sound and light show in Palace (45 minutes), as only lights are used to narrate the history of Mysuru. Whereas in video mapping object comes live which helps the viewers to understand better.

Speaking to Express, Karnataka Tourism Forum Mysuru Convenor Prashanth said that 3D mapping will be soon one of the major attraction in historical Mysuru city. Already a proposal has been sent to government to introduce the programme under PPP Model and by next dasara 3d mapping on Palace will come to reality.

'Mysuru has all the potential to boost tourism, and has to be used properly. Police Band can be used on line of 'London Change of Guard', and a performance has to be scheduled every day. Even discussions are being held to develop parks surrounding to Palace on lines of parks in Ooty,' he added.

MyBus, a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour service

A proposal has been sent to government for introduce of 'MyBus' a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour service which runs on a designated circuit in short intervals in the same lines as “The Big Bus” in London, Dubai, Paris, Vancouver etc.

Tourism Forum Convenor Prashanth, who has dreamt of this project says: 'MyBus tours showcases the best of Tourist attractions. Mysore being a major tourist hub and royal heritage city, there is lot of sight seeing places in and around Mysuru. Tourists can be taken on sight seeing and visit to Palaces, which helps to develop tourism and extend their stay in Mysuru.'

Plans to run a set of buses at equal intervals with 30 stops on routes Srirangapatna / Bird Sanctuary / Krishna Raja Sagar (Brindavan Gardens. Live Commentary, free guide services, and much more has been planned, along with a 24/7 call centre.