Thursday, November 3, 2016

This girl has made a remarkable achievement in Yoga

H Kushi, a 13 year old lass and a 8th standard student of St Joseph's Central School here at Vijayanagar, has made a remarkable achievement in Yoga raising the eyebrows of several yoga veterans and exponents.

She not only performs complex yogic asanas with ease, but has also mastered the latest solo artistic yoga and rhythemic yoga. She has already competed in the Pair Rhythmic yoga and Pair Artistic yoga events at such tender age. The perfection and grace with which she performs Yogasanas on stage, specially the Rhythmic Yoga (performing yogasanas along with dance) keeps the onlookers spellbound.
Her goal is to represent India in Yoga competitions at international sports meets such as Asian Games and at the Olympics, though Yoga has still not been officially inducted in these games, and win many medals as possible. After that she wants to be a yoga teacher.

She took to practicing Yoga when she developed breathing problems as a child. With regular practice over the past three and half years, she became so adept in performing yogasanas, that she began participating in several yoga competitions and win prizes at State, National and International levels. Kushi who is equally good academics dedicates three hours daily to practice yoga, and she has now over come her breathing problem too.

She claims she is topper in Yoga from Karnataka representing the age group of 11-14 years and also represents India in that group. She will be representing Karnataka in the National level yoga competitions going to be held at Ranchi from November 12-16.
“I joined to yoga to get cure my breathing problem, but now I am enjoying taking part in competitions, but gives me more pleasure is representing India at International sports events. I want to take part in Olympics and win gold for India. I know its not a easy go, but will dedicate myself to reach the goal. Moreover, the beauty of learning yoga is unexplainable. I have developed concentration, control on mind and body, and a good health,” she adds.

Yoga teacher Dr PN Ganeshkumar, of Vivekananda yoga and research institute said that 'Kushi is very sportive and can perform asanas with ease. With now yoga being considered as a sport, I am sure she wins in olympics and brings laurels to our country.'
She has won a Bronze medal at the International yoga competition held at China in 2014; two gold and two silver medals at the 6th Asian yoga championship events. Quite recently she participated in first south zone yoga competition held at Udupi between October 14-16 where she bagged three gold medals. Kushi has to her credit more than 35 gold medals, 20 silver medals. Her parents S Hemachandra and Kumuda expressed happiness over her daughter's achievement.

About Yoga forms 
'Artistic yoga' and 'rhythmic yoga' are new forms of yoga and there is good demand to learn them among yougsters with yoga given status of sports.
Wearing attractive dress, with background music, asanas are performed in form of dance and movements and style draws attention of onlookers. Select Asanas, postures and expressions with aesthetic beauty will be given prominence.There are hardly countable centres in the city where presently rhythmic and artistic yoga are being taught.

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