Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Soon Nandini products and meat will be deliver at your door steps

Government to increase milk production by 1 crore liter, and distribute milk to school and Anganwadi children five days a week under Ksheera Bhagya.

The government is contemplating to start home deliver of Nandini products and meat. If everything goes as per the plan, people can get delivery at their door steps by easily placing orders by downloading a app in their smart phones or even over phone call.

The government thinks adoption of latest technologies and home delivery will further boost the sale of nandini products, from which more number of farmers will be benefited and helps to improve their economic conditions.

Informing this to media persons here on Tuesday, Animal Husbandary Minister A Manju opined that adoption consumer friendly initiatives helps to increase the sales of Nandini products in State.
'We are planning to increase the milk production from present 70 lakh liters to 1 crore by 2018, and distribution of milk to school and Anganwadi children for five days under the prestigious Ksheera Bhagya programme. This will tremendously help the farmers, and motivates farmers in large to engage in dairy farming', he opined.

'The milk production in State in 2012-13 was about 35 lakh per liter, after introduce of the Ksheera Bhagya programme it has reached 70 lakh liters and there is good response from farming community. In future Rs 4 incentive to dairy farmers will be deposited to their respective account once linked with Aaadhar', he added. He further gave a call for people not to purchase other brands milk, instead to purchase Nandini products and protect interests of farmers.

Goat milk sale will be boosted in market and meat will be procured scientifically and branded. Already government has sanctioned Rs 27 crore sanction for a slaughter house and processing unit in Shirshi and the works will finish in a month. Local famous breeds name will be named for the products, he added.

Stating there is a severe shortage of meat and thus farmers will be encouraged large in sheep farming, he said an average consumption of meat per person every year is 11.5 kg, whereas now only 2.2 kg requirements are met. To ensure both meat and milk easily accessible to the public, on the lines of Cooperative Milk Unions soon a meat processing and sale units will be set up, he added.

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