Sunday, July 3, 2016

Eco-friendly bricks made on spot catching up in Mysuru

A new trend of eco-friendly bricks making on spot using the soil available in your site has been introduce by Architect Rajesh Kumar Jain. Adopting the technology from South Africa, he has got assembled the machine in Delhi, and is making bricks using the soil available in the sites, there by motivating residents to step towards green initiatives.

This interlocking stabilized mud blocks are produced on site utilizing sandy soil available. “Burnt bricks need lot of fuel. By adopting latest technologies we can save fuel to higher extent. The mud bricks can be used in wide spread and we can save nature, as well as health by adopting eco-friendly methods,” says Rajesh.

There is no need of plastering or mortar cement for this bricks.
The bricks are plaster less, paint less, no need of curing and houses can be constructed using less sand. Mason's job is also reduced. The thermal controls in interiors, which helps to save energy, and reduce usage of fans, Acs.
An average per hour 100 to 120 bricks can be made. Sandy soil is suitable to make bricks. It will be added with cement and left for queering for 21 days. In some places the soil is not suitable, and we get mud from outside and make bricks on spot. Already seven houses have been constructed using the bricks in last few months,” says Rajesh.

 Software engineer turns entrepreneur 

A 34-year-old an software engineer who was earning handful of salary has quit a job last year, and has turned entrepreneur.

Padmanabhana, a native of Bengaluru who has done in BE in computer science and M.Tech in Engineering Management out of passion quit the job which fetched a handsome salary. He decided to produce eco-friendly garden articles, pots, coco peat, organic manure, etc, coconut coir productions.

In the last one year he has toured Karnataka, Tamil Nadu obtaining details of artisans who are making mud potteries, coir products and kora grass handicrafts. He imports most of the products from Tamil Nadu, and other districts. Naming 'Econet' his brand he is networking people and promoting them to purchase eco-friendly coir products such as plates, pots, mats, and much more. In future he wants to come with an Bamboo Structure houses and promote residents to build root top houses, gardens out of bamboo.

The duo have exhibited their products at the MyGreen 2016, an exclusive exhibition of eco friendly products and life styles, organised by Builders' Association of India.

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