Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A flower in any other form is just as sweet

Handicrafts fair at JSS Urban Haat
Flowers, in spite of their brief life, are symbolic of everlasting beauty. Whether it is summer or winter, a vase full of beautiful flowers adds cheer and touch of ele-gance to the interiors by beautifying the ambience.
To slake the desire of flower-lovers, here's Ram Kishan from West Bengal displaying his creativity and dexterity in evolving fantastical, magical dry flower products at the handicrafts fair at JSS Mysore Urban Haat, which concludes today at 9 pm.
An incredible range of dried flowers, potpourri, bouquets, exotics, pods, grasses, floral items are part of the collection. This exciting range of alluring dry flowers and foliage naturally brightens up the surroundings, sustaining for a long period.
Speaking to SOM, 26-year-old Kishan said, "Beautifying the environment is everyone's dream. In any season, one can enjoy the long lasting splashes of colour. Adding a touch of nature, these dry flowers can be arranged in a variety of ways according to one's taste and life-style.
"First we collect shed leaves and flowers. We can also pluck from plants and trees (jute, shola, cane, palm, lata, coco, etc.). Then the process of drying involves bleaching and colouring, which should be done in the early morning. Drying process is done delicately as flowers and leaves are very soft; especially blossomed flowers should be removed carefully. Drying time depends on the flower, its size and the amount of humidity in the air; three days is the average.
"To retain the delicacy of the flowers, a good packing method is needed which will be helpful for storage, transport and marketing. First we wrap the flowers in paper and place them in a cardboard box to protect them from direct sunlight, rodents and insects," says Kishan who has been involved in this work from his childhood.
"Every flower and petal has its own beauty. I create more than 180 varieties of designs with dried flower and petals. This can also be used to embellish books, diary, greeting cards, purses or other things which customers desire. Usually many think dry flowers include only flowers and leaves. But it's not so. They also include dried seeds, barks, shoots, which can be preserved for year-round floral arrangements for party decorations, festivals etc. Amaranthus, Areca, Coconut leaves, cut flowers, Bachelor’s button, Cock’s comb, Jasmine, Rose petals, Bougainvillea flowers, Land Lotus petals, Rose petals, Mahogany petals, dried grasses, Lily petals, neem leaves and fruit nuts are commonly used for the decoration," adds Kishan.
"Don't consider any shed leaves, weeds, seeds, cones, twigs or flowers as waste. Collect them from your garden or nearby road sides. According to their shapes, colours and texture, they can be used for creating marvelous floral designs throughout the year and you can also earn some money," adds Kishan who feels happy in exhibiting his talent here.

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