Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doll Maker: Talent Unlimited

Revathi Ramaswamy is a homemaker with varied interests and dabbles in a lot of things! She is either tending to plants in her garden, creating dolls out of waste or singing and teaching bhajans in her spare time. Her creativity with dolls is well showcased during Dasara which attract a lot of visitors.
Gardening is a hobby which she pursues out of passion. She grows various kinds of flowers, fruits (including apple) and vegetables in her garden, and Revathi, a resident of Vijayanagar, is very proud of her green friends.
Indian history has a place for dolls that project rural life. Dolls act as cultural ambassadors reflecting our civilization, observes Revathi, who creates dolls out of cloth and other waste material. “The face of the dolls is available readily. The cloth body parts are stitched and stuffed with synthetic cotton, with a metal frame providing body structure. Facial features are painstakingly painted by hand. All limbs, fingers, and toes are stitched separately for a more realistic depiction of gestures. Clothing and accessories are also prepared by hand. I collect waste things and use them while making dolls. It is not simple to make a cloth doll but they have a basic simplicity and charm, which sets them apart from other dolls,” she says. Mythological characters from Mahabharata, RadhaKrishna, various forms of Lord Krishna, Durga and many other gods and goddesses have been created by her. Revathi has bagged many prizes for her Dasara doll show and gardening since three years.

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