Thursday, December 2, 2010

Will the officials ever look into this?

Mysore, Nov. 30 (KR)- Four months ago, SOM had published an article titled Is it a school or a grazing ground? about the sad state of the Government Primary School in Jayanagar close to ISKCON tem-ple in city. However, the school continues to be in the same sorry state without any measures being taken to improve the conditions.

The authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to the sheep and cattle grazing on the school's grounds, which sometime wander into the classrooms. Intermittent rains have encouraged further growth of weeds and shrubs in the school grounds, providing fodder for cattle and sheep. The fact that the school does not have a compound wall further adds to the problem. In the morning, the ground is being used as an open toilet. In fact, as the school lacks toilet for the students, they too make use of the grounds.

With the mandate of providing quality education both under the Right to Education Act and the State Gover-nment's own primary education policy, the local autho-rities do not seem to be interested in encouraging educational activities in government schools.

According to the residents of the area, the MCC Zonal Assistant Commissioner and his staff have made no attempt to look into the matter. Sources in the DDPI say that the area officer should look into this. But this has not been done. The Area Corporator too seems to be oblivious of the school's mismanagement.

The school is primarily meant for underprivileged children. About two years ago, nearly 20 guntas of land was allotted for this school by the Government. But infrastructure work was not taken up. Though it is compulsory that every school must have a playground, the children are deprived of the opportunity. The Department has not even bothered to supply sports materials.

In spite of the school being located on the main road, there are neither traffic signboards nor zebra crossings. With heavy vehicles plying on the road, teachers help students to cross the road in the evenings. When this is the condition of the school, how can the student strength increase? Very soon this school too may be closed like the Lakshmipuram School. Presently, this school building has four blocks constructed in association with Mysore Round Table India-21. The DDPI's office told SOM that three months ago they had sent a letter to MCC requesting funds for construction of a compound wall and toilet, but till today they have not received any response.

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