Tuesday, March 15, 2011

People throng to temples on Maha Shivaratri

The occasion of Maha Shivaratri witnessed long queues in front of all Shiva temples in the city, especially in the century old temples Trinayaneshwara temple inside the Palace premises, Chandramouleshwara temple on Kalidasa Road, Sri Kanykaparameshwari Swamy Temple, Agrahara and Amritheswara temple on D. Subbaiah Road.

Apart from this Sri Mahadeshwaraswamy Temple in Sunnada Keri, Sri Amrutheshwara Temple in Narayanshastri Road and Sri Prasanna Swami Temple, VV Puram to witnessed a huge crowd.

The temples were seen decorated colorfully with flowers and lord shiva was offered with beelu pathre. Tight security was provided around the temples. To ease the vehicular traffic and to make a smooth snail for devotes many of the roots surrounding temple premises were diverted and barricades were placed to control the crowd.

Trinayaneshwara temple at Place
Speaking to Express pontiff MS Radhakrishna said that more than 18,000 devotees had already visited these temples to have darshana of Shivalinga and The temples will remain open till 12.30pm in the midnight.

The temple has a history of 1300 years and on account of Shivaratri Rudraparyana was held through out the day. The Swarna Kolaga (golden face mask of shiva) will be returned back to treasury on Thursday around 11 am under tight police security.

Avadhoota Datta Peetha
Maha Shivaratri message was given by Sri Swamiji, Rudra home Purnahuti, Abhisheka to shivalingam and cultural programs were conducted through the night at Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashrama

At Suttur
Kamsale on Sri Mahadeshwara Mahime was presented by Sri Mahadev Nayak and Troupe. Shiva Sankirtana on Bhookailasa was presented by Shivarathan Phalanetra and troupe, Bangalore.

Bhajans and satsang
There was on-going shiva bhajans, satsang, discourse, homa and cultural programs in all the temples. In some temples special pujas, archane, flower, fruit and ghee decoration for Lord Shiva was a common sight.

Prasadam was being distributed to devotees at the temple inside the Palace premises and the discarded plates were seen scattered all over the temple backyard creating an eyesore.

Buntings and banners: Sri Kanykaparameshwari Temple on Ramanuja Raod which has a history of 63 years was covered with the buntings and banners of the ruling BJP Government praising Yeddyurappa government.

Gangajal: There was a good response to receive Ganga Jal. It is learnt that it will be diluted with Kaveri water to make up for the shortage.

Average rush for theatres: Compare to other days, most of the theatres had an average response on Wednesday.

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