Monday, April 4, 2011

Scorching heat of the blazing sun

People are coming out with their own ideas to quench their thirst and to keep themselves cool

With the onset of summer and with the mercury expected to soar to record heights in the coming months, all things people did to quench their thirsts and keep themselves cool are slowly gaining momentum. While dealers of fruits, umbrellas and fans are hoping good sales this summer as usual, others too cashing in on the scorching heat of the blazing sun.

Earthen pots: Earthen pots, though has become passe, they are still popular and many still continue to use them even today. Drinking water stored in earthen pots cooled naturally is not only safe, but does not have any side-effects like throat infection, as the ice-cold and refrigerated water does. Potters are busy making new designs to attract customers.

Street side juice vendors:
It’s a common sight these days in most of the city roads to see a Rajasthani guy standing by a push-cart fitted with a hand crushing machine ready to offer fresh juice of Sweet Lemon (Mosambi). A small crowd can always be seen around vendors selling Nimbu pani with soda.

While most of the juice shops offering juices of various fruits and also a combination of them have to depend on power to run their Juice Mixers, some have already installed portable generators to keep the customers happy.

Tender coconut and cut water melon fruits are in great demand. Fruits like Water melons, orange, musk melon, grapes are in good sale and there is a huge rush in fruit stalls

Ice cream parlours
Fruit salad with ice-cream are in good demand and to meet the customers demand ice cream parlours are adding new flavours for their menu and some are working extra time.

Demand for fans, refrigerators
If compare to fans the demands for Air-coolers are less as it cant be offered by an common man and the electronics shops are having normal sale of refrigerators.

`Every year during summer there will be good number of sales in fans as most of them change home and replace their old fans with new one and some to beat the summer heat,’ says Aditya a seller.

Change in dress code
Most of the girls are wearing full sleeves dresses specially cotton dresses with closed neck without exposing their skin to sun to avoid skin burn. It’s a common sight in city road and near colleges where girls are seen walking with an umbrella.
There is a good number of sale in cotton dresses, t-shirts and sarees.

Increase in helmet users:
Helmets which are meant as life saviors has now become heat coolers especially for girls. Most of them have started using helmets to avoid the summer heat and are using sun screen lotions, which are selling like hot cakes.

More number of walkers:
There is a drastic number of rise in early morning walkers. When asked about this Shubha said that ‘in this summer I cant have good sleep and woke up late, so, though of concentrating on health and started walking. Now, I enjoy walking, as the climate is very cool.

Everywhere summer camps
If compare to last year this year there is a increase in number of summer camps for all age group of people.

Demand for pushcart vendors:
Most of the women are hesitating to go outside to purchase their daily needs and are purchasing it from the pushcart vendors who come near by their home.

Change in food style:
'Most of them are not having spicy items they prefer spicy in side items with the combination of rasam with some spicy fry items.

Cool places to tour:
Usually most of the people prefer to go for temples during summer but according to travel agencies this year 'people are selecting green and water spots for picnic.

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