Friday, August 12, 2011

Uttanahalli Temple needs basic facilities

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple famously known as Uttanahalli Temple, which is situated about 7 km from Mysore city amidst greenery, which attracts hundreds of devotees needs basic facilities.

The Goddess Tripurasundari said to be as sister of Goddess Chamundeshwari. Some people offer animals for sacred and prepare food and discard the waste materials here itself.

If one visits this temple, can have a look how the temple is surrounded with garbage. When the wind blows the discarded leaves spreads throughout surrounding places, polluting the whole area. When it rains the garbage gets decomposed and emits bad foul.

There is a small water tank constructed in temple premises and most of the people use that water for cooking, washing, cleaning and eat the prasadam in the temple premises itself.

There is no proper dustbin throughout the temple premises and the garbage has been pelted with discarded eating leaves throughout the temple premises. When wind blows the dry leaves mix with wind and spreads across the small village where a section of people living.

Speaking to Express, Devotee Venkatesh said that `city is growing and numbers of people visiting this place is also increasing. This is the mean time, the authorities should come forward make arrangements to clean this surrounding places at least once in a week.

Villager Rukmaniam said `after having food as its open place most of the people through eatables and leaves there itself inviting domestic animals. There are incidents where domestic animals have been given treatment for eating these garbage.

`As the temple is situated below Chamundi Hill and out of city skirts, we can experience a cool and good breeze here. Most of them visit this place to have good breeze it self. But now-a-days when the wind blows we experience dust rising. Officials should place dustbins here and clean the premises at least once in a week,' said another devotee Prakash hailing from Mandya.

Reduce slipper charges

`Apart from cleaning, on rush days additional buses should be ply here specially on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. For slippers the tender persons are collecting Rs 2 per pair which is not fair. If we visit ten number from family we have to pay Rs 20 which is quite expensive.

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