Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mymul to cut down transportation and distribution cost

Packing and transporting milk without any delay after processing is a daunting task. It has to reach all destinations ahead of the expiry time mentioned on the pack, else it will be rejected.

The Primary Milk Producers Co-operative Society chill the milk before dispatching it to the main Milk Dairy in Mysore for further processing and the processed milk is again sent back to the villages for consumption. This roundabout process incurs avoidable costs, wastage of fuel and manpower besides being inefficient.

In order to cut down the extra transportation and distribution costs, Mysore Milk Union has decided to upgrade its existing chilling centers at Hunsur and Chamarajanagar by adding milk processing and packaging facilities at these units.

As a result, unprocessed milk collected from Periyapatna, KR
Nagar, HD Kote, Hunsur and other neighbouring villages will be processed, packed and transported directly from these centers, instead of sending them to Mysore every day as is being done now.

The two centers will be upgraded by deploying the latest technology and the estimated proposal for the same is Rs 8 crore, which will be provided by National Co-operative Development Corporation.

There are 1294 Primary Milk producers co-operative societies under Mysore-Chamarajanagar Milk Union of which 871 are in Mysore. While 1 lakh liters of milk is collected from Hunsur every day, the procurement from Chamarajanagar touches 80,000 liters per day.
By upgradation of these two centers, Mymul can save 8 to 10 paise per liter for transportation and distribution respectively.

Mymul MD Dr Suresh Babu said that though the State has 13 milk unions, Mysore is the first Union to have a packing and processing facilities at the taluk level.

Because of the upgradation of centers, consumers can get fresh milk quickly and also help cut down on transportation and distribution costs. Officials from NCDC, New Delhi, will be visiting Mysore on December 13 and 14 to visit the centers, he added.

Bulk Milk coolers
Plans have been drawn to set up 62 bulk milk coolers in Mysore and Chamajanagar. Under the first phase 14 bulk milk collers (8 in Periyapatna, 3 in Nanjangud and 1 each in KR Nagar and HD Kote) will start functioning from January. Presently the Mysore Milk Union has 49 coolers. With this Mysore Milk Union will be the first in the State to get this project sanctioned. Rs 667.02 lakh has been sanctioned as the grant in aid by National Diary Plan.


Quick view
- Mysore Milk Union produces 5,72,000 kg of milk per day.
- 2,35,000 kg milk is sold every day.
- 30,000 kg is used for curds
- 5000 to 7000kg is used to make other products like Kova, Paneer, Masala Mosaru, Nandini Bite and others.
- 1.5 lakh kg of milk is sold between diaries.
- 45000kg milk is sent to kerala; DK – 15,000kg and 20,000 kg to a Diary in Bangalore and also to Chanrayanapatna for hybrid Milk.
- Remaining 1.5 lakh kg of milk will be converted into powder.

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