Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This lady doctor by inheritance has prevented women undergoing uterus operations

Recently a racket involving removal of uteruses from healthy women was making headlines, here is a lady Ayurvedic Doctor who has prevented thousands of women from going under the scalpel.   

Gowri Subramanya, a doctor by inheritance, who has dedicated her life to educate people about the benefits of ancient Ayurvedic medicines and also create awareness about the various kinds of medicinal plants, has treated several women ailing from problems of the uterus without asking them to get it removed.

She has successfully treated more than 1300 women with uterus problems preventing them from undergoing needless surgeries. There are several instances where women who wanted to undergo surgery within a week or two, were cured after taking her treatment. Not only people from various parts of country, but those from abroad, from countries such as Australia and USA have been treated by her for uterus problems. 

Citing some of the main reasons for women to have irregular periods, uterus problems are the change in modern day work life which lacks physical exercise, stressful jobs and working for long hours sitting at the same place. All these result in PCOD problems. When women complain of over bleeding they will be informed it might end up in cancer if left untreated and the only solution is to get the uterus removed. Believing their words most women opt to get their uterus removed, says Gowri, who has also given medicines for childless couples seeking conception.

'Removal of uterus is suggested only in the extreme case, while a majority of them who undergoing treatment can be cured of the excessive bleeding, uterus related problems within 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual body's response. She added that the roots, stem and seeds of Peepal Tree (Arali Mara) all have medicinal value and in about 75 per cent of cases women with uterus problems can be cured by the products of Peepal Tree,’ says Gowri, who has formulated many Ayurvedic medicines on her own based on her 25 years research.’

'Most of them who approach me are those who have undergone allopathic treatment and are not satisfied and have failed, while some do want to undergo surgeries. They come just to try and have expressed happiness after treatment is successful. There are instances where women with uterus complaints have approached me a week prior to removal of uterus and have got treated. Have saved hundreds of women undergoing uterus removal operation, and have treated for several issueless couple, who have approached me after failure of IVF. Due to lack of patience most of them lag behind to undergo Ayurveda treatment, whereas once they are benefited they refer others,’ she added.  

‘Women should not ignore any minor changes in health, specially those who are above 40. Self medication and ignorance is very dangerous and leads to other problems, so the best solution is to get it cured at the initial stage. If they come in the initial stage they can be more benefited.’

‘Most of them fail in diagnosing root cause for the disease. If it's done properly treating patients will be easy. The people should first develop faith in the efficacy of the ancient medicines. There are several instances people with several serious health disorders have got cured in Ayurveda,’ added Gowri, who has arranged several medical screening scam spending her personal money.

49-year-old Bhagyashree resident of Thyagaraja Nagar said: ‘Was suffering from polyps, cyst and continuos periods for nearly two months. Doctors asked to undergo laparoscopy surgery. When I took the medicines for four days, I experienced uneasiness, vomiting. Meantime one of my friend referred Gowri, and within one day, the periods stopped, and was surprised. Later, I obtained medicines from her for polyps, cyst and have overcome the problems.’

Roopadevi, resident of Mysore Road who has obtained treatment for uterus cancer said: 'Doctor asked me to get removal of uterus in a week. After I started taking medicines from Gowri, within three days there was improvement in my health, and we postponed undergoing surgery for a month. Just after a month, there was tremendous improvement in my health and for the past eight years, I am leading a happy life, and there is no uterus problem.'  

Serial Artiste Ruthu, resident of Bengaluru said: ‘My uncle was suffering from foot drop. Doctor said nerve damage might also cause foot drop, and said they want to send nerve for testing before doing operation. We approached Gowri, withing two weeks the foot drop came to control. The leha, tablets, oil given by her worked like magic, and today my uncle, who is senior citizen is walking comfortably. He also undertook home remedy for eye problem, and today his vision is very clear. She gives medicines for any ailment and   her medicines work like magic. The medicines are very affordable, and any ailment she treats. What allopathy doctors tell very complication diseases, she has cured in her medicines.’

Renowned Ayurveda Gynecologist Dr Nanda Pai from Karkala said: ‘Removing uterus has become a big money spinner. Only in extreme cases removal of uterus is required. In Ayurveda there is medicine for uterus problems, over bleeding, and even cysts can be melt. One should have a patience. Change in life style, stress full life is contributing immensely for the health issues among women.’ 

Her Roots in Mysore...   

Gowri who has done done research for more than 25 years in Ayruveda, is a native of Mysuru, and currently a resident of Banashankari in Bengaluru. She is the grand daughter of Pandith Narasimha Murthy, who was rendering service as Palace Vaidya of Royal Family of Mysore. He has written several volumes dealing with different ailments. The Ayurveda Pharmacy set up by him in 1942 is functioning even today though under a different management. 

She strongly believes in 'prevention is better than cure' and prescribes medicines for several ailments and diseases, which includes some modern age lifestyle diseases such as stress, diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stones and there are several cases the eye vision problems, skin problem she has been rectified. There are several others who have been benefited by her treatment for various ailments.  

She has spent years studying under various Ayurveda practitioners and Professors of Ayurveda to further enhance her knowledge. She has developed her own formulae for Ayurvedic medicines while successfully treating many. She also teaches people how to cook delicious food using medicinal plants to further improve their health apart from curing their existing ailments. She is planning to publish a book in the near future, which contains complete information about most of the medicinal plants, thereby making people familiar with plants. She is also working as Administrator at Mukthinaga Temple in Bengaluru.

Gowri, who was in Mysuru recently, in a tete-a-tete with Express, sharing her views said: ‘We have to follow our neighbour China and also Kerala State in popularising ancient Indian medicines, which are on par with western medicine. Those who are proven to be experts in this field should be identified and their works should be documented. Some are experts in treating orthopedics while others in treating diseases related to liver and  kidney disorders, diabetes etc. They should be identified and their knowledge should be imparted to youngsters.’

‘Government should promote people to grow medicinal plants by setting up more Ayurveda Vana’s in state. Farmers should be promoted to grow medicinal plants on lines of Kerala by providing them with subsidy. This will help to protect ancient medicine treatment, and handover the same to next generation. Due to increasing deforestation, restriction of entry inside forests, depleting forest cover has become a major problem. Already most of the medicinal plants have become extinct. If same continues, we lose plants forever which have so much medicinal value.’

Talking about role of People, she said: ‘Most of the Indian herbs are exported to foreign countries, who make medicines and supply back to India. Our people should learn to make medicines and make them available for people at affordable cost. There is need of educating our youngsters to identity these medicinal plants. People should develop small gardens in their houses and prepare medicines for cold, cough, and other small ailments, and also to develop immunity and resistance power in the body.

While, further going down the memory lane she said: ‘My grand father used to take me with him and taught me the names of various medicinal plants and their uses. It was from there I developed an interest in herbal plants. My goal is to make people aware about the benefits of the Ayurveda. I am happy that I could cure thousands of people over the past three decades.’


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  5. She is a fraudster minting money. She gives medicines after removing labels from the bottles. Of course those medicines are available in market.Why so insecure that she has to remove label when medicines are readily available in market. Her only claim to fame is being grand daughter of some guy in Mysore King's court and some local channels patronizing her. Also she is ignorant of most common skin disorder like Urticaria. She suggested us some sarpa samskara etc for Urticaria and directed us to contact her husband for the pooja. She and her husband are minting money.Both of them will direct to each other for simplest of disorders/problems. It's a business happening in muktinaga temple in the name of God and ayurveda.

  6. could you please give Gowri mam's address for consultation