Monday, April 17, 2017

Smart device launched to detect faces hidden behind mask

Some of those involved in criminal activities cover their face with a monkey cap or some piece of cloth in order to conceal their identity from the electronic eyes of CCTV camerasand other security gadgets. When reviewing the CCTV footages at the crime scene, it is a big challenge for the cops to identify the person behind the mask. There are several instances in the past where crimes have not been solved because of the inability to recognise the face behind the mask.

Keeping this in mind, M/s Vihaan Sudhan Technologies have designed a device named ’Smart Robust Night Vision’ with in-built power back up. It is an electronic CCTV camera having a small size Micro-Computer measuring 3 cm *3 cm in size, which backups the video directly onto the customer's email id.
The product is named VS-HAWK EYE (VSHE).
The speciality of the device is it detects the identity of the person even though he has covered his face. The detection will be done in two states that is through retina bio metric analysis and GAIT analysis (studying of walking, running style of person). Even if a person is wearing glasses, the eye scan can be done. 

A 8 mega pixels CCTV camera will be installed, which helps for analysis of the retina. The obtained retina bio metric information will be matched with Aadhar detals. In case if the culprits have not wore gloves the finger prints will be matched similarly with Aadhar and details of person will be obtained using the technology.

While, the second stage of analysis include GAIT. In case if the person refuses to admit the crime, through GAIT analysis (walking style , running style) the person movements will be matched, 

With this automatic bio metric verification VSHE it will be difficult for criminals to escape from law, even though they try to cover their face.

Clients purchasing the product can only watch the video file in his inbox and not the identity of the person. Identity of person will be disclosed only if a crime has occurred. The identification algorithm will be saved in server. Only upon specific request from police the identity of the person will be
linked to AAdhar Server database and cops can get the  name and address of the person and trace his face.

This apart, the device has a motion sensor, (a switch to activate motion sensor mode during night) and detecting the motion sends an alarm warning notification to police and simultaneously a mail to client.  The product also comes with a motion detector, sounding a loud alarm over speakers and also sending an instant message to a server maintained on a Google drive space monitored by the Police in control room.

M/s Vihaansudhan Technologies Directors BS Manusudhan and S Sowmya Sudhan, Product Delivery Team Lead KN Mohan Kumar are the brains behind this project.

The team say: ‘The systems available in the market have many disadvantages like if power supply is cut, CCTV is of no use after the battery back up is used, viewing angle is limited, storage hard disks can be deleted or stolen since it is physical device. Keeping all these disadvantages in mind we have innovated this new device.”

Manusudhan said: Smart VSHE is a complete solution for both Police and individuals. The product comes with automatic detection of  the identity of the person using biometrics and the identification will be done at our server, to avoid stealing of authentication of people, we make the project to execute at our server end for identification
process. It minimises the investigation time and saves money for police, providing no escape for anti social elements. ”

The team have worked on this project for the past 11 months. The project has been set to Prime Minister office, requesting for suggestions and have also applied for patent,
The product is ready to be launched soon and it costs just Rs 7000 a piece. There is no need to install cable wires, Hard disk and DVRs, thereby offering a huge savings on cost of investment. Videos will be uploaded directly on the google drive free of cost, adds Manusudhan.

How it Works

The VSHE gathers video and sends it for preprocessing either to the microcomputer provided within or to the server for IRIS scan detection or for extraction of nodal point body features (called as GAIT) of the suspected individual.  The iris detected will be sent to the database for analysis on his/her biometric values like iris and fingerprint available at the huge data base at our server end. 

The organisation is planning to link this to the database of Aadhaar or Unique Identification Authority of India for extraction of identification information of the person. By analysing the shape of the person, which is unique from person to person,  identification of the individual is possible. 


* Smart VSHE to be a solution for both Police and individuals.
* The project has been set to Prime Minister office seeking suggestion and the team have  applied for patent.
* Existing CCTV provide just a video recording, collecting the video footage and storing  them on a disk, whose storage space is limited.

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