Friday, October 13, 2017

An initiative to keep Mysuru Clean: Autos in Mysuru have been fitted with a eco-friendly bag

Thanks for the members of Swachh Bharath vertical of Young Indians (Yi), an integral part of confederation of Indian Industries (CII), who are on a mission to keep the city clean and are fitting eco-friendly cloth bags to autos to ensure the waste is not littered on the roads.

This "Auto Bins" which aptly fits next to the auto meter is designed for disposal of dry waste like chocolatebiscuit papers, chocolate wrappers, small papers and dry fruit peels, with a message to “Keep Mysuru Clean" . With this, passengers have to dump the waste in the bag, and the driver disposes them later.

About 500 autos have been fitted with these bins at pre-paid auto stand in suburban bus stand, railway station and the Zoo. Its one of the step by YI to keep the city clean and effort to get back clean city tag. Yi Mysuru plans to scale up this initiative in the second phase of their project with their motto "We can we will". 

With this, the young team Swachh Bharath headed by members Ghanshyam MuraliSharath KumarSachin SubramanianRavi Shankar and Akshara Kumar are contributing for the national mission of Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan.  

According to the members, “large number of tourists and localities prefer to commute in autos to reach their destinations. There are instances after eating popcorn, chocolates and other snacks they litter the waste on road. We hope the disposal of garbage while travelling in auto will now become efficient. The bag acts as a mini dustbin, and passengers can use them.”

Akshara Kumar, Member of Yi says,The city has 1.5 lakh autos, we want to launch this in phases and make sure each and every auto proudly has one and takes pride in contributing for Swachh Mysore. Once this project is finished, we hope to take this as a national project and want all the autos in India to have a bin, thus contributing to Swachh Bharath. We are happy with the good response from the auto drivers.”

Ghanshyam Murali, “We first started this project with an idea of launching car bins, but since Mysore is a tourist hub, and majority of the people travel in autos, we decided to do the auto bin project.  The auto bin project is one of our most innovative projects. Using eco-friendly cloth will make sure plastic is not used. The bin is easy to tie and can be tied anywhere in the auto. We are receiving a good response from auto drivers, who are very supportive.

Generates Employment  

Mysore has been awarded the cleanest city in India, and has an influx of a high number of tourists round the year. We plan to maintain the city's cleanliness with innovative and eco-friendly projects. The bin made of cloth costs Rs 20. They can be washed timely and reused several times. The cloth bins will generate employment and helps to keep the road clean by avoiding littering,” adds Sachin Subramanian, another member.  

What citizens say..

"Some passengers eat bananas, cucumbers wrapped in newspaper and other snacks in the autos. Earlier, they were throwing the waste on roads, and now we ask them to dump in the bin. We are happy for becoming a part to educate people about cleanliness and keep the city clean,” says Santosh, an auto driver.  

“We are already facing water logging and floods problem when there will be heavy downpour. People should understand by littering garbage on roads, it gets accumulated in drains, and there will be no easy flow of water. Moreover keeping the city clean is our responsibility,” adds T Anand, another auto driver.

“There is lack of civic sense among people. We can find splitting, littering garbage on roads. Its an responsibility of every citizen to keep the city clean. By stopping the littering on roads, we can witness a big difference,” says C Rekha, citizen.

About Swachh Bharath
Swachh Bharath is a vertical in Young Indians concentrating on the city's and country's overall cleanliness and green revolution. The vision is to bring in consistent, useful and innovative methods to keep the city clean. 

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