Friday, November 3, 2017

Rajasthan's Royal Enfield biker couple wishes to row across country

This gentlemen and the lady received a warm reception on Thursday, when they arrived at the venue of Chamundivihar Stadium in their Royal Enfield bike to take part in the 14th Masters National Aquatic Championship.
60-year-old Anand Singh Shekhawat, with his wife Krishna Shekhawat (59) has drive for four days from Kota, Rajasthan to reached Mysuru. The couples have drive 1900 kilo meters, covering a distance of 500 kilo meters per day.  Anand Singh Shekhawat said: ‘This is our first visit to Mysuru, and we enjoyed the travelling.  As my wife also drives the ride, it will be not distracting. We have drive for 8-9 hours each day.”
It was a decade ago, the couple started touring the country in their bike.  They have toured Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Kullu and Manali, Ahmedabad, Delhi and several other states they have visited.  
“India is a very beautiful country. Driving through the mountains, ghats, and hill station gives a amazing experience. We have toured half of the country, and we want to row across country,” says the couple, whose dream is to tour the length and breadth of the country.
When questioned what motivated them to take up bike riding, Anand Singh Shekhawat says, “We noticed foreigners coming to India, and hiring bikes touring the country. Then we thought, why we should not try. After our first touring, we realized how beautiful the journey will be. My wife also learnt riding bullet and we both enjoy our journey.”  
Charan Singh, another swimmer of Rajasthan said: ‘The nick name of Anand Singh  is Bullet Raja. The couple keep touring the country, and the journey is awesome. We have team of Royal Enfield Bikers, and the couple are very active.”
The couple who will be staying in Mysuru this weekend, wants to tour in and around city and visit the tourists places.

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