Thursday, January 13, 2011

Between lines and shades of Black & White

There are some amongst us who cherish memories of how life was when photography, motion pictures and TV shows were completely in black & white. Devoid of all colour and glitter, the black & white movies of Madhu Bala and Clark Gable of those yesteryears, still retain their vivid charm which none of modern digitally edited technicolour movies can reproduce.

Here is an opportunity for Mysoreans to see Indian Ink sketches made by a team of six students of Sri Kalanikethana School of Arts, No. CA - 15, Vijayanagar 2nd Stage.

The artists who are pursuing their Bachelors degree in Visual Arts (BVA) — K.K. Somanna and Abhilash D. Dinkashettahalli (Final Year); V.E. Akshay Kumar (II Year); B.N. Rajendra, S. Manohar and G.S. Ravikumar (BVA Foundation) — are displaying their collective works of sketches at Kalanikethana Art Gallery.

Each of the 20 free hand drawings that are put on display is based on a theme, conveying a specific message to the viewer with the titles aptly describing the drawing. "We have sketched our drawings in black & white using only Indian ink. As these days we get to see mostly colour paintings, we decided that our line drawings should be without any colour," say the team members and add, "We have created these line drawings choosing topics from current issues like harassment meted out to farmers, waning popularity of folk arts, nature being destroyed by humans, kids learning unhealthy habits, delicate relationship between nature and humans etc."

Their goal is to continue drawing this way and create awareness in the society through their drawings.

The stall showcasing their collective paintings has bagged the Best Stall Award in Dasara Exhibition. They have also exhibited their drawings in Hubli, sponsored by the Lalithakala Academy, Bangalore. The exhibition is open from 10.30 am to 6 pm till Jan. 17.

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