Monday, February 7, 2011

No sentiments, No attachments….

Good news: The trend of body donation for education based has increased in city. Bad news: Some of the people intensions are very harsh.

This is how most of the families are living. There is no attachments, bondage in the relationships though it for dead persons no value at all. Many think donating body make us to take trouble compare to perform all those rituals. It does all depend on one’s mentality.

When contacted Dr. Shyam Sundar Professor and Head Department of Anatomy, JSS Medical College, to know more about body donors. It was very unkind to know how people are changing in their day to day life.

“The numbers of body donors are from city compare to rural people. Most of the bodies have been collected from orphanages, as children stay in foreign countries and they can’t come at the moment, they donate the body and when they find time they come for Laboratory to see their dear and near ones.

“Many of them call from their home towns and ask us to keep the body till they come India. Chances are there where kids have not yet come after 5-6 months also.

“Its sad to say many of them as soon as a person dies call us and ask to come fast and clear the formalities if we are ten minutes also late they call and shout over phone. “Interestingly, if one donates a body from the family the other also comes forward, hence we are receiving bodies from the entire family.

At present we have “106 bodies in our Laboratory and so far around 1,040 have registered to donate their bodies. Compare to Mysore Medical College, JSS College as sufficient bodies for the students.”

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