Saturday, February 12, 2011

‘Don’t call me bugger’ : ZP Project Director tells DC

Upset over the wrong statistics provided by ZP Project Director MR Balakrishna, Deputy Commissioner Harsha Gupta suddenly lost his temper and shouted at the officer, “In spite of the meeting being held regularly every three months you are not able to perform well. Even the statistics provided by you is also not matching properly. I don’t have patience and can’t tolerate buggers like you”.

There was a pin drop silence the entire hall came to halt for a while as soon as the DC uttered these words at the meeting attended by MLAs, MPs and ZP officials at the Zilla Panchayat meeting conducted at ZP Council hall on February 7.

Upset over this, Balakrishna immediately retorted back and told the DC not to use the word ‘bugger’. But the DC who was unfazed by the protest, continued his tirade against the officer “Neither can I suspend nor can I transfer people like you. With the kind of people like you around we have to tolerate everything that you do. The public too feel the same hurt when you scold at them."

Glancing at the report he was holding in his hand he continued “You have not released any of the grants sanctioned for the development of ZP & TP. This shows you have completely failed to behave as a person holding responsible position. There is no progress of work of at least 5 per cent. If you can’t do your work properly better opt for some other job. Give me a genuine reason for not showing any progress in the work."

DC’s advice
Harsha Gupta offered a piece of advice saying, “Apply your heart while doing public work; we don't have to push during every step of your work. Find out what’s going on, what are innovative, try to apply your mind and introduce a new idea for the development. Don’t keep quiet. It’s the duty of all of us to improve the system. But you people have kept your hands and legs tied and we have to keep lifting you. Do the work assigned to you perfectly.

Balakrishna blames computers

“Due to frequent power cuts and computer problems, we are unable to manage the statistics properly,” balmed MR Balakrishna offering excuse for the delay in updating the day-to-day works.

Computer course for officers
Balakrishna said that most of the officers don’t know how to use the computer. They lack even basic knowledge. Though they keep working on it from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, at the end of the day they still complain about the computer problems. So training should be given to the officials to manage things effectively".

Maintain discipline: ZP CEO
“They keep all works pending till the last minute and they start feeding into the computer at once. As everything is computerized the system crashes when it is over loaded. So it is absolutely essential that all of them should have a basic discipline in implementing it systematically,” said ZP CEO Sathyavathi addressing the members present on the dais.

While reacting to the reason offered by Balakrishna that the delay in works was due to power failures, she advised him to get a UPS connection while deploying modern storage and back-up techniques.

No need of discussion
“Don’t you have any responsibility? There is no need of conducting a meeting with this type of wrong statistics. At least for the next meeting correct the statistics and provide the details properly,” warned H. Vishwanath.

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