Monday, February 7, 2011

About body donation

Though body donation had inspired more persons in the district to pledge their bodies the mindset of their thinking have been revolutionizing traditional perspectives on human body, mortality, and the relationship of medical science to society.

To know more about body donation process and its usefulness expressed spoke to Shyam Sundar Dr. Shyam Sundar Professor and Head Department of Anatomy, JSS Medical College, who holds awareness camps on body dontation through out the city. Here are the excerpts:

About body donation
“We are having more respect for dead bodies then living body. The dead body is first teacher for medical students. Donating bodies to medical and dental schools improves academic learning drastically. In our laboratory we also have ore-mature and aborted babies body also. However, bodies relating to unnatural deaths are not accepted.

Reaction from family members
If families agree to give body for study of anatomy than let it burn on a pyre it will be helpful. But many families don’t agree to donation due to religious sentiments. As many believed that the last rites should be performed as per Hindu tradition.

Awareness programmes
“Because of religious sentiments and Confucians believe most of them do not donate their bodies or organs. Colleges play a vital role in creating awareness programs amongst students, so that they can spread the message amongst their family members and society. The awareness programs will held aims to dispelling the myth about body donation.

Its Importance
Large extent of people don’t know the important of body donation and many dont agree to such donation. Most medical colleges are constantly in need of cadaver donation to train medical students for the advancement of medical education. If students of anatomy department get bodies, it will help them in become good surgeons, which will improve the medical education in our country and for upliftment of the society.

Who are the majority of donors
106 bodies have been kept in JSS Medical College Laboratory and so far around 1,040 have registered to donate their bodies. Most of the bodies have been collected from orphanages and some from Kodagu. Some donated thinking not to trouble any one.

How you preserve
Once we receive the body 8 litre of Formalin (preservative) will be injected and hence forth we preserve.

Process of body donation
A filled-in application should be submitted. Within 24 hours the family persons should inform about the decease. Transportation facility will be done through corporation in which college pays the money for Corporations.

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