Monday, February 7, 2011

Water crisis prowls city residents into hardship'

Newly repaired pipeline broke down for second time

It was common site witnessed in city on February 4 where
people were seen prowling for water here and there holding a
water pot and vessels scurrying everywhere in search of water.
It all happened due to a burst of Cast Iron pipe carrying near
Hongalli for second time.

The water pipeline which was under repair from February 1
was restored on February 2 around 3 pm. But it went burst
open within two hours of its installation in the same spot.
The authorities of Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) were seen
replacing the original Cast Iron pipe with the newly laid Mild
Steel (MS) pipe on Thursday.

The embarrassed officials were at a loss to explain this
sudden turn of events saying that as the pipeline was empty
the air got locked inside causing it to burst. But whatever
happened they are now again busy replacing the pipe with
another MS pipe having a lining wall.

Areas affected:
However more than 60% of residential areas in city were
find disrupted due to drinking water supply, especially in
parts of city lying to the West such as Kuvempunagar,
Brindavan Extension, Yadavagiri, Ramakrishnanagar, VV Mohalla,
Agrahara, Saraswathipuram and other surrounding areas.

Though officials of the Vani Vilas Water Works immediately
sprung into action replacing the leaking pipe, the two day
disruption in the water supply has already caused people to
stand in long queues in front of roadside borewells holding
vessels in hand to collect water. Some of them had even
applied a day's leave just to collect water.

Hotels in some localities had already downed their shutters
as water is most essential to clean utensils and used plates.
Such was the effect that even the roadside eateries did not
venture out on the roads.

Authorities promised: Speaking to Express, authorities of VVWW assured that the
situation would return to normalcy and the water supply will
be restored by February 5.

Round-the-clock service: Answering to the call of Express, Corporation Commissioner K.S. Raikar said that 'Due to major break-down in Hongalli pipiline service the city is facing severe water problem from four days. But arrangements have been made to supply water from 26 water tankers which are working round-the-clock from past 2 days. It takes time for ground-level water storage once the water is stored there will be regular supply of water.'

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