Monday, February 14, 2011

The three magic word ‘I LOVE U’, means more for some

The most welcome day in the calendar for those dreamy eyed teen lovers who are not yet committed into a relationship is the Valentine’s Day. The day dawns a new ray of hope in the hearts of numerous lovers dying to express their love for their beloveds or just waiting to receive a message of love from them.

Love is often expressed by presenting flowers particularly red roses, gifts, greeting cards and jewellery, while wearing dresses of particular colours which conveys a special meaning to express their feelings is also in the vogue.

Warnings from puritans like Pramod Mutalik’s Ram Sena against celebrating the Valentine’s Day is completely ineffective against the power of the Cupid’s arrow that brings two souls together culminating in a happy married life. Not merely lovers, it is a moment of occasion for everyone to express their love for others too, be it mother, father, brother or sister, just to say those three magic words, “I Love You”.

Strangely, even after Cupid strikes, for most people it becomes difficult to express their love openly to their beloved. Struggling to find a way out, here comes the Valentine's Day to their rescue.

Express spoke to some section of people to know how they have poured out their heart’s feelings to their loved once either by sending a greeting card along with a red rose or a personal gift to express their love. Here are the excerpts:

“This is my first card; I am sending it through e-mail. I don’t have courage to go and tell directly in front of her so sent e-card and waiting for the reply. If she accepts my love, this will really be a special day for me,” says Nithin a college student.

“V-day means not only exchanging the gifts. It means more, mainly how much we value once feelings. To make this day memorable we are registering our eyes to donate and it will be in our remembrance for ever,” say Vinutha & Ramesh, who are working for an audit office.

“Love is divine for me because I am a disappointed lover. Due to some misunderstanding, my valentine left me. Even today I leave with the memories spent with her and on the eve of Valentine Day from past 19-years I am purchasing a gift for her and keep it for myself,” says a 43 year-old businessman expressing his feelings with tears in eye.

“To show my valentine how much I love her and to impress her more I have figured her face on my hands through tattoo,” expresses Mohan, II year BBM student.

“Though ours is a arrange marriage, from past 6 years on V-day we don’t miss to exchange the greetings and pleasantries,” says Shobha housewife.

“To mark this day specially we are spending the day together. Apart from long drive, gifts, chatting in ice-cream parlour this time we are planning to watch movie ‘Super’ and to visit temple,” say Divya and Venkat who are in love since 4 years.

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