Sunday, February 13, 2011

The legacy of GTN continues to in his donated body

Such was the popularity of late Dr GT Narayan Rao, that a mere mention of his name would be immediately associated with science and scientific temper. Though he is not amidst us today alive, his body preserved at JSS Medical College on Mysore-Bangalore Road continues to draw a large number of visitors, as a reminder of the fact that here lies the mortal remains of a person who truly practiced in is death what he preached when he was alive. Even to this day not only people from other States but also from abroad come to see GTN’s body and pay their respects.

Guddehithlu Thimmappiah Narayana Rao, fondly called as GTN was a towering figure in the field of scientific community, a storehouse of knowledge, a strict disciplinarian and a prolific science writer. According to his wish his body was donated to JSS Medical College for research and educational purposes in June 27, 2008 and has been still preserved. Following his example several friends and students of GTN came forward and registered themselves to donate their bodies. Among GTN’s family his own brother also donated the body and another one has registered for donation.

Being an able organizer of cultural programmes, GTN left a lasting impression on his friends, students and followers alike. Prof. GTN has written several books and articles on science related subjects, especially articles against practice of pseudo sciences like astrology.

Some of the other noted personalities whose body have been preserved are: Dr. D.S. Shivappa & Smt. Laksmi Shivappa; Dr. Sathyanarayana Shastry; former MLA D.T. Jayakumar; noted writer Shikaripura K.Harihareshwara; Veerashetty, a teacher; Kum. Manasa, Kollegal and N.M. Sunandamma, mother of Dr. Shyam Sundar, JSS Medical College.

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