Friday, February 25, 2011

Mata Amruthanandamayi in Mysore: ‘Amala Baharatam’ campaign launched

Express News Service
Mysore, February 20

To embrace new practical initiatives to clean India and to promote health through hygiene, Mata Amruthanandamayi launched ‘Amala Baharatam’ campaign in Mysore on Sunday by providing handkerchiefs to the students.

Clad in a white sari the ever present benign smile on her face radiating warmth and compassion instantly draws people to her. Mata Amruthanandamayi who is referred as ‘hugging saint’, was on her annual visit to Ashram at Bogadi.

Amma said her devotes to maintain environmental cleanliness and to take responsibility of cleaning their locality to bring a massive transformation in society. She also said to place sign boards to create awareness among people not to spitting or littering in public places and roadside.

She also advised the public and students to plant trees in their surrounding premises and to practice the segregation of garbage and properly dispose of waste. Many volunteers were present to control the crowd who were waiting to seek blessings of Amma.

Hailed for undertaking philanthropic activities and building charitable institutions Amma was compared with the wadiyar’s of the past who did similar things for the development of Mysore.

Ramdas promise to make Mysore a health city

Appreciating Amma’s initiative and the ‘Amala Baharatam’ campaign, MLA SA Ramdas promised to make Mysore city a healthy and plastic-free city by Amma’s next visit and a committee will be formed to plant the saplings in all the city schools. He also added that by 2020 India stands first in the world in progress, cleanliness and culture.

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