Saturday, February 12, 2011

ZP meeting held amidst pandemonium and chaos

Amidst uproarious scenes and allegations and counter allegations by
various members the Zilla Panchyat tri-monthly review meeting was
held on February 7 at The ZP Council Hall. The agenda of the meeting
was to review the progress of the work since the last meeting held on
04.11.2010 along with monitoring the financial position and physical
progress of the central government sponsored projects and other issues.

The meeting generated heated discussions between members over various
issues like incomplete works, providing wrong statistics, government’s
lackadaisical way of allotting funds and also misuse of funds.
Those officials who abstained from the meeting were warned not to
offer any excuses in future and must attend the future meetings without fail.

Tribals issues
Though an amount of Rs.4.17 crore was sanctioned in 2009 for the welfare
of tribal it has still not been utilized. While ZP CEO Sathyavathi asked the
concerned officials to return the money, R. Dhruvanaryan advised them to
take up responsibility and advised that if money is returned then it is the
poor people who will be victims to bear the hardship.

Non-distribution of uniform
The other issue that rocked the floor was the non distribution of school
uniforms even though the academic year was already coming to an end.
Around 1800 kids in the district are yet to receive uniforms.
The concerned officials were instructed to distribute uniforms by
the end of the March, especially for tribal kids.

About title deeds
3631 application have been received so far for the title deeds but only
655 has been considered and remaining have been rejected by the officials.
The reason given for rejecting the application was most of them were living
outside the forest areas.

Criminal case
MP Vishwanath questioned officials of the Horticulture department about
what measures have been taken so far in their department related to
horticulture, agriculture and health mission.
The tribal department officers were enquired if they have conducted any
meeting for the upliftment of tribal. When the answer was No,
he advised the officers to conduct meetings at least once in a month.

Earlier the tribal development project under the advice of Mannivanna had
decided to give title deeds for tribal groups within four days.
But so far it has not been implemented.
If the same thing continues he said the criminal cases will be lodged
against the erring officials.

Irrigation Department
60 per cent of the material cost should be borne by the farmers and the
remaining 40 per cent will be provided by the government.
For the development of panchayats, regular meetings should be
held from the respective departments head. Most of the school, hostels,
hospitals, anganwadi’s don’t have compound, every work should be finished
utlising the grants suggested H. Vishwanath.

When the works are incomplete public stage protest. Officials should not
give chance for all this instead provide them basic facilities and all
ZP, CEO, PD all should work hand in hand, suggested ZP members.

Other Highlights issues were about Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana,
Rashtirya Horticulture Mission, Akshara Dashoha, Irrigation department and
R. Dhruvanarayan gave the examples of other states to boost the members.

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