Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fisherman Co-operative Society at Hampapura is in a dilapidated condition

The Fisherman Co-operative Society Limited in Hampapura, KR Nagar Taluk, situated at 50 kms from Mysore, is in a dilapidated condition and is crying for attention.

The wall and the ceiling are dampened due to water seepage and asbestos roofing, mud footsteps and there is no power supply for this society. Apart this, the iron beams used in the concrete are completely exposed to the elements of nature and have begun to rust.

The society was constructed past ten year ago and has become a bleeding ground for mosquito due to the growth of weeds all around and also the place infected with flees and fly due to the smell of fish. The dilapidated and hazardous condition of the society pose a danger to villagers.

Speaking to Express several members of KR Taluk Fishermen Welfare Society, Hampapura said that 'We have complain several time to Society President Muddegowda, but the officials have failed to take any initiate action. Even after several rounds of visit to the Society, Karnataka Cooperative Fisheries Federation (Mysore) President Nanjegowda has also not taken any action,' they alleged.

Society Member Raju and BJP Leader Ramesh stated that `from past three years society has obtained a profit of Rs 54.8 crore but no developmental works have been taken and quoted `Nanjegowda conduct society meeting in Muddegowda's residence and take decision themselves and paste the minutes to the society wall (which can be seen in the picture).

Former Director of the Society Nagendra said that `there is no chairs to sit in the society and the building has not been painted from past eight years. When it rains water will be sopping all over the building and the underneath of the ceiling is always wet and damp and there is no proper roofing. Many of them attend nature call here only.'

He further alleged the Society President Muddegowda is uneducated and no proper records is maintained and for everything he contacts his Secretary Seenappa and even signs blindly for the documents and there are 150 members in the society.

When Express contacted Society President Muddegowda, he refused to answer and asked to contact his Secretary, while Federation President Nanjegowda stated that shortly the society will be repaired and a meeting will be held in next week.

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