Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Road side eateries too gear up with traditional dishes

Come this Dasara, you can taste varieties of food and chat items across the Palace city in Palace City Mysore. While on one hand the District Administration has organized Food Mela and Hotel Owner's Association deciding to provide Dasara Thali, tastier food at affordable rates to benefit the tourists visiting the city for Dasara, on the other hand the street side food vendors are also busy gearing up for Dasara .

Popular as Thindi Beedi, this small stretch on Krishna Vilas Road, adjacent to Jagan Mohan Palace Art Gallery, can be seen lined up with eateries of all sorts on one side of the footpath. Even opposite Town Hall there are about a dozen push cart vendors, mostly selling chat items. These two places are quite famous in the heart of the city where one can have a quick bite at a reasonable price.

Some of the eatery owners near Town Hall have been doing business started by their grandfather. The most sought after food items are Idli, Vada, Dosa, Ricebath Puri and Gobi.

The range of items is more on Thindi Beedhi where freshly boiled or fried food items are prepared and served on the spot. Apart from the usual food items mentioned above one can savour, Dry Gobi Manchuri, Noodles, Fried Rice, varieties of Vegetable Pulaos, Akki Roti, Pav Bhaji, Paddus and even Rice and Sambar. Varieties of egg dishes are also available at a separate stall.

As tourists from all over India are expected to visit Mysore to watch Dasara, they are planning to introduce Baby Corn masala, Chinese Gobi Manchuri, Mumbai's famous Vada Pav and Gobi 65, garnished with cut chilli pieces, lemon, ginger and coriander leaves. The fastest selling is are the varieties of Dosa, where apart from the usual plain and masala are the Rava and Ragi dosas.

There is a heavy crowd during weekends, when entire families come out and can be seen standing and savouring the hot dishes. However, the specialty of food street is varieties of dosa from usual plan, masala and rava, ragi dosa.

Some of the other popular joints selling fast food on the streets are Vidyaranyapuram circle near Syndicate Bank, Matrumandali Circle near KD Road, place Opp. St.Thomas School in Industrial Suburb and KD Circle Double Road in Vijayanagar.

The prices too are quite reasonable and costs between Rs 15 to 25 for a hearty fill. Vendors are expecting the Dasara crowd will boost their sales.

Pani Puri sellers Ramesh and Dharmendar are expecting good business in the next 15 days during Dasara and are confident of daily making Rs 1500-2000 extra than usual. Dharmendar sales varieties of Baby Corn Mushroom soups, Chinese and American Chopsuey and many more.

Come dasara , feel the eating experience of Multi-cuisine dishes

Ramesh Babu who sells Gobi 65 claims that his preparation is unique and tastes different when compared to others? Though Five Star hotels charge Rs 120 for one he sells Baby Corn for just Rs 20 a plate.

Speaking to Express Sowmya a housewife said that 'In hotels they keep it prepared and when customer orders they re-heat it and serve. Where as here they serve fresh and hot which, will be prepared in front of us.

Plea for officials

Most of the push cart vendors struggle hard to lead their livelihood. Amidst all this, during Dasara they start cutting required things for their dish from and start serving after 4 pm.

Most of the hawkers are living with a sense of afraid, as Corporation has thought to make city surrounding free of street vendors. Most of them have opposed it and without giving chance for officials to identify mistake on their part, they are cleaning the surrounding places daily.

'Every time officials ask us to vacate place. We are completely dependent on this and we don't know any other work. During Dasara we have good business, which helps us to clear out debt. We request officials not to throw our life into street,' says Kirthana Chart Center Gobi Raju who sells Gobi, noodles, fried rice, baby corn and Chili Gobi near Town Hall.

'There will be very good response during Dasara and we prepare more apart from usual what we do. This is the only time we have very good business, which helps to solve our problems,’ says Uma who sells Dosa.

Panipuri maker Srinivas Says 'business has severely affected and its very hard to survive. Officials have placed No Parking Board in this zone and people afraid to park their vehicles. If anyone parks the vehicle Tiger comes and lift the vehicles. Now-a-days people come only after 7 pm. The officials should hear our grievances and not trouble our business.'

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