Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Insurance cover for students provides security

An Engineering college in the city has implemented the novel idea of providing insurance coverage for students as well as staff. Academy for Technical and Management Excellence (ATME) College of Engineering which started in 2010, has provided insurance coverage for all its students and staff under Education Package Policy.

Since day one all the student and staff members are covered under this policy, both on campus as well as off campus. So far about 481 students and 64 staff have been provided with insurance cover of which four of them have already claimed the insurance.

Recently parents of two students (MV Suraj Nag and S Ravi Kumar) who died in a road accident have received Rs 1 Lakh each under this insurance coverage. Staff members who met with a road accident and a snake bite have also been duly reimbursed of their medical expenses under this insurance coverage.

Deceased Ravi Kumar’s father SM Shivanna said that he came to know about insurance only after college staff contacted him. He says, 'if the insurance coverage is introduced in all the colleges it will be helpful'.

ATME College Chairman Arun Kumar said, 'as more number of students own vehicles, the insurance coverage will be very helpful. The coverage is being provided as part of social responsibility.'

'Another added benefit of the insurance is in case of accidental death or permanent disability of the earning parent, all outstanding fee amount will be
paid lumpsum to the Institute to ensure continuity of education of the
student', he said.

The policy also has provision to provide relief in the event of accidental contingencies to the students. It covers medical expenses incurred on the medical treatment of students for accidental injuries, including specified day care treatments. The same benefits apply to staff members also.

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