Sunday, April 1, 2012

This visually challenged aspires to become IAS officer

As the adage goes where there is a will there is a way.. here is a visually challenged person aspiring to become an IAS officer and render service for downtrodden people.

Hailing from Kakamary taluk in Belgaum, 26-year-old Siddu S Loute is doing his 5th year LLB at MS Ramaiah College in Bangalore and at the same time also preparing for IAS.

He can multiply any two numbers in his mind and give the answer in a very short time. If given any month and year he can tell the day of the week. He can multiply upto 99 crores and announce the day of the week for 5 lakh calendar years. He has memorized around 45,000 mobile numbers.

He has brought out a CD on Personality Development specially for students, to train and boost the confidence-level among them. He also gives counseling and spoken English training to students and is an anchor for private television channels too. By doing all this he earns his livelihood.

He wishes to enroll for IAS coaching class at Delhi as he found out in Bangalore there were no separate coaching classes for visually challenged and they have to attend the same as that given for normal people which was indeed difficult to understand.
He made a request to Government and NGO Forums to help him complete his IAS, not because of sympathy, but considering his talent.

Though having studied in Kannada medium he can communicate in English quite fluently. When questioned about this he said, 'after completing my SSLC, I went to join a Computer class where they said that knowing English is must. I learnt English in a span of just 15 days and joined the class. Now, I can speak confidently with anybody without any fear.'

His philosophy of life is, 'Always think positively. If you have a positive thinking you can achieve any thing in life. No one is born successful, one gains success only by his thinking and hardwork.'

Born blind, Siddu left home at the tender age of five and joined a Government hostel in Hubli. His parents Shankar and Seetha are agriculturists. 'I have seen several ups and downs in life. I don't want to be a burden for anyone. There were days, where I even begged for sustainance. But I never gave up my will power and confidence, because of which today I am capable of achieving some thing in life."

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  1. Truly Inspiring.

    The entire team of WizIQ courses [including the IAS English Online Courses salute this man and wish him all the best!

    Regards and Respect!