Thursday, June 13, 2013

Informal women’s achievement through Nari Adalat

Nari Adalat Arbitrators Sannathayamma (Hunsur), Basamma (Nanjangud), Lakshmma (Hunsur), Kamalamma (Nanjangud) were in Mysore on Tuesday, on a meeting. 
'Nari Adalat' (Women Court) is doing wonders in district, specially being voice of the voiceless women. The judges, rather the arbitrators at the Adalat are all women who have never been to any law school.

In spite of being illiterate and not having any formal education the women sympathize with the problems faced by other women in their villages. Over the decade these women are relentlessly raising voice against all forms of violence meted out to women, solving thousands of cases cases every year. Serious cases will be refereed to Police and they will followup the developments of the case.

Majority of cases come in Adalat are dowry harassment, domestic violence, extra-marital affairs, alcohol abuse, divorce, child marriage, suspect of virginity, removal of female foetus, gender discrimination and inordinate behaviour from spouse, women beaten up and abused by husbands who are alcoholic, property dispute and much more.
The women solve the disputes amicably through mediation, sometimes even counseling the couple on options like going for adoption instead of remarriage. The women have even take up cases and fight against social injustices in the taluk.

'Nari Adalat' has been working effectively for the past ten years as an alternate legal body in five taluks of districts, such as Nanjangud, Periyapatna, Hunsur, KR Nagar and HD Kote.
The 20 women members meet every month in their respective taluks and discuss the developments of case. They even travel neighbouring villages and solve cases. This programme was initiated by Mahila Samakhya organisation, to help women who scare to go to police and courts.

65-year-old Basamma of Shettahalli Grama, Hulhalli Hobli in Nanjangud Taluk says: “We are not educated. But, we have developed courage to question the wrong-doings and raise voice against injustice.
Basamma from last ten years has solved thousands of cases in Taluk.

55-year-old Sannathayamma of Hunsur Taluk says: “Without any education we are happy for striving for the betterment of the families. Women courageously come in front of Nari Adalat and seek protection.”

After hearing arguments from both the sides the women leaders of the Adalats solve their problems. They say even few men have approached adalat following misunderstanding with partner.

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